Nice venting - Not!

I was driving and came across this house with the vent pipe for the furnace sticking out of the roof.

I just asked myself, “Why?”

Very common to see it in my area.

Why don’t you like it?

They sure are long. Much snow there?

Wrap some red ribbon around them for Christmas!

If it is a slab on grade they did not have much choice but run it through the roof/attic.

It may not look the best but as longs as it works and vents properly.

I’ve never seen vent pipes installed at that location (front part of the house) and that high off the roof. It might be common in some areas but not even close to being necessary.

In my opinion, this is a very unprofessional job.

That’s a good one.

Not uncommon around here, with 2-3 feet of snow like we had last winter, the furnace air/vent might have been plugged. Although I would have personally paid extra to have them go out the BACK side of the roof.

Indiana, However, gets virtually no snow compared to my neck of the woods. Allot of times manufactured homes produced in Indiana come up here with 6" to 12" tall furnace vents, and I recommend homeowners extend them.