Nice View of Chicago

From this morning’s condo inspection.

Bell Inspection 010.JPG

Bell Inspection 012.JPG

Bell Inspection 007.JPG

Nice pic’s! :smiley:

Did you inspect the exterior and walk the roof? :twisted:

Interior only.

LOL Linas—:stuck_out_tongue:

In Condo Bob country I see----:stuck_out_tongue:

You know Linas low balled him to get the job… :smiley:

Looks like Michigan and Adams.
Must have been in the building with the Bennigans.

Old building.

Thats OK ,I can key my mega tags for Lockport.:slight_smile:


Great Views!!!

It cost $25 to park for 1.5 hours!!!



That has to be one pain in the A S S Linus…!!

I’d give um to Condo Bob, just out of spite------:stuck_out_tongue:

Beautiful Pictures though…!

For the life of me I can never figure why anyone would like to live like that…Elevators, Parking Garage, Etc…has to be a chore just to grab a six-pack—:stuck_out_tongue:

I guess they prolly order “Items” on the phone and have it delivered–:smiley:

They bought it for entertaining not as a residence. The building also has 2 party decks for parties.

Linus just does not know how to park that big hillbilly truck.:slight_smile:
That’s why I drive a Kia Sportage and grab street spots.

They know if I gotta pay the fee goes up.

It is a shame parking took half your fee Linus. :slight_smile:

There are no street spots down there!!
Kia Sportage:p:p:p:p That’s a cute girly car/vehicle.
They did get a break on the price($225) but it was a brand new condo and only took a little over an hour.:(:frowning: