Nice work

Indeed :twisted:

samples required for conclusive comments :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Fricking nasty after one pass. 15 bottles of wine became one bottle of grappa.

Though it was fun to make.

after all the effort take your time and try this

. . . so wha’ya making Brian . . . hic :D?

. . . hic :D?

Hey BK you don’t have a thump keg installed between your pot and the condenser vat. I have the old family receipt in my memory bank, I was raised operating one of those up to the size of 100 gallon out put every 4 days had some Judge suggest that I take an extended trip into the military at age 18 he took a dim view of my inherited profession at the time.

That is awesome, I used to help my father make wine with the press and the whole set up. His stuff was strong, all natural. He made lots and lots of it just to give it away to friends. Occasionally he made Grappa too, that stuff kicked butt.

some of those judges just don’t have any sense of humor…