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3D Home Inspections * is committed to providing you and your clients with Fast, Professional and Affordable services. We take great pride in our Appearance and Professionalism. Our reports are completed Electronically making them Clean and Professional, then they are Emailed to you and your client.*

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"I would like to thank you for being so professional with my clients. Everyone that needed either a wind mitigation, roof certification or 4 point inspection have called me to tell me that they all think that you are wonderful, professional and courteous. One client called to say she was shocked that you did the inspection on short notice and did it on a Friday on a holiday weekend. She will be recommending you to others as all my clients have told me they will to. "E. C.

*“Professionalism, competency, and integrity matter most. Appearance also counts. Dennis Burleson, owner of 3D Inspections, reflects all of the above qualities and that is why I comfortably and confidently refer my agency’s clients to him. Many of my clients are senior citizens and need to trust the person ringing their doorbells. I trust Dennis, and perhaps more importantly, my clients do. Thanks, Dennis, for making my job easier.” * E. K.

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3D Home Inspections, Inc.

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I sure hope he is not using employee s around the state.

The new guys have to make money too!:mrgreen:

Document Number P10000031268
FEI/EIN Number 272401317
Date Filed 04/09/2010
State FL

Who would be stupid enough to take a cut of nothing.

I do not care if he wants to make money, but I would like to know how he covers a good portion of the state under one HI license for those prices.

He can not hire employees, he must sub them out. So shouldn’t he be listing all licenses?

*“All of our inspectors are experienced, insured, uniformed and wear company ID"s.”

He’s INachi Certified, what’s the problem? :twisted:

"All of our inspectors are experienced (passes a wind mit course NACHI electrical online course (which will no longer be needed for four points), insured (that one is easy), uniformed and wear company ID"s.(doesn’t say what kind of uniforms - could be trousers and a button down shirt, or maybe he sends them, or makes them buy a logo shirt with his name on it, and showing a company ID is no more than a badge on a lanyard)."

That IS the problem. Incorporated for less than a year. Low balling prices around the state. If he is sub-contacting, I hope he has enough insurance to cover all of those contractors if there is a mistake or someone decides to sue. I can guarantee you that the subs do not carry E&O insurance.

One more year to CMI !!! :mrgreen:

Why wait, just write the check!:mrgreen:

He can’t… three years required! :mrgreen:

That is funny right there!:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: