Nick about our bet...

We had a bet on if a home inspector can do mold testing in Florida. It is apparent that it can be done in areas under 10 feet. We had a bet on this and it appears that I have lost the bet.

Would it be acceptable if the I think it was a $500 bet, if I gave that money in the form of a donation to Jim Horton who was hit badly by a flood?

I never not pay a bet. I ALWAYS make it right.

Would that be acceptable for you?


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Acceptable. Thanks!

Done and Thank you…told you I don’t welch on bets…

Receipt sent for verification…

Thats was great on both your parts. Well done :slight_smile:

Me too ?

  • Legally? He/she only needs a Florida home inspection license.
  • Technically? He/she needs to take these 3 free online courses:

BTW: I am both a licensed Florida home inspector and licensed Florida mold assessor.

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Because they can test on areas less than 10 feet it is within the scope of their license. How an air sample falls into that arena? I don’t know. But Nick said I don’t pay my bets, so in the law it says they can comment and test mold if it is less than 10 sq feet and it says nothing about those classes.

That is Nick little spin on it.

That was good of you, Nick.

It was always suppose to go to a charity. I would never bet with a professional for personal gain. Granted, Nick was to pick the charity and I just gave him an idea and he agreed on the person who was affected by serious hardship.

I think a vendor even bought and drove a computer to his HOUSE the DAY he needed it. Maybe I am wrong. I think it was a vendor here on this message board.