Nick, An Easy Question For You

Hey Nick, just doing some updating on some of my marketing. Can you tell me how many CHI’s there are currently?

Also do you know approx. how many Licensed/Certified inspectors there are total?

Thanks a bunch


About 1,000 CMIs.

About 20,000 inspectors in North America who are full time.

Thanks Nick.

Do you happen to know how many licensed/certified Inspectors in the entire world? total amount as full or part time, not sure threes a difference, total Licensed/certified nspectors worldwide if you know.?

Thanks again,


Licensed? I don’t know for certain. Very few countries license home inspectors and the countries that do, don’t license them everywhere in those countries. Around 10,000.

Certified? 34,405 at least.

Cool, thanks Nick, just wanted the current info as We use CMI as a powerful Marketing tool, and knowing the numbers helps.


wow, only 20k full time, that is a lot of part timers