Nick and Kim Dung Hole N Koea

Just trying to get back to the Clayton home TV Video, but found it hard not to comment.

How did the world let this guy last this long? My dad was a Naval Air Corp sea rescue pilot in Koreaand where did we get?

I am 55 years old. (go senior discount). I had a separate envelope at church when I was 6 years old to send money to Ethiopia. I contributed myself when I got a paper route. Nothing has changed.

Nuke em or buy em a plane ticket. No more free ride from the most generous people in the world. How soon we forget. Remember 911.


So you are saying Green Homes are good???

I prefer beige but green is good.

Haven’t you heard? Green is the new beige

So…you don’t like my red brick???

I never said that. Red is good and very acceptable by the standards of practice. I do question why something should be painted green just to save energy. You could buy a beige appliance and save energy if it had the proper rating.

They say to paint my roof white to make it green and I get so confused. Maybe I am more qualified to be a General Motors financial consultant…