Nick and Paul Agree.....It should Continue

Ok Guys,

I met with the powers that BE and we both agree that a online electrical seminar ( which I had cancelled ) should take place. Nick will help promote it and we should THEN get a good turn out and hopefully other educators will follow in the style of online-conference style educational events.

I will keep you posted on the details and I am sure you will get something in your e-mail box when it is ready to happen, with the overwhelming support for this at the convention it just seems right…

So with the proper support it will happen…I will keep you posted.

P.S. See…we really DID meet…I am the FAT one in the picture…:slight_smile:


Paul? Having been a Master Electrician in the Toronto Ontario Canada area, I would like to offer to you any help you think I may be in getting this together. You can email me directly at if you wish my assistance

Thanks Roy…I will know more in due time as I need to put together a release for it and do some additional promotional work before setting a date.

I will keep you posted.


Which one is the fat one?


Is it the one that looks like Mr.McGoo or …

Oh crap, I’m gonna be on Nick’s S**T list now! :wink:

:smiley: I apologize in advance…it was all in good fun! :wink:

OH, and I’m glad you’re staying, one of these months I’m bound to have $50 bucks left over! LOL!

lol…should have done it when it WAS $ 50.00 bucks…lol…chances are THOSE days are gone now…:slight_smile:

i tried - twice, last month. i might have been 1 out of 9,500! :frowning:

lol…naw…if we ever DO get it done Andy you are covered my friend…no worries.

We probably would have scheduled it again after I got back from Canada but my laptop had a crack in the screen and I sent it to Toshiba…which is why I have not sent out PDF’s guys…I promise I will once it gets back…

Cracked (2) screens in less than 2 months…and I am careful…I sandwich it between foam in my pill bag and even have a bodyglove on the laptop and still…cracked it…man it stinks…

Anyway I had to send it right away because I have some big seminars for another organization coming up in the middle of june and needed time to get it fixed…