Nick busy busting out walls this weekend. He is building a huge movie set for NACHI.

Nick has me swinging a sledge hammer this weekend. He bought two big commercial garages just outside of Boulder and is taking out the wall between them. We are building a movie set like Jay Lenos with lighting and cameras. Industry leaders, educators, and big REALTORs have already agreed to be interviewed on the show which Chris is going to upload for members to view. We will have actual furnaces and electric panels on stage for educational purposes, something new each week. It will be like a cooking show. Vendor guests can talk about their products and services. We will do some episodes on marketing and business development too. I get to be the host for many of the shows. This is going to be so much fun!

Mazel tov

That sounds awesome fun! Be careful with the sledgehammers-they really hurt when they bounce back and hit your knee.:ack!:
I am sure the show will be a great sucess! Can I be part of the studio audience sometime-I will laugh, clap or do whatever the promptor tells me to.:slight_smile:

Will you call this new network…"Nick"elodian?

You can call the show…

The Real Life Story Of People
Who Do Not Get An Home Inspection
Live To Talk About It!!!


Sounds Good!!! Just Be Carefull!!!

When it comes time to actually film “NACHI, The Movie”, will you be able to find anyone around to play Joe Hagerty now that Don Knotts has died?

I think we should be ready to start filming in a month or so. We will be working weekends and nights in order to get this going.


Do you or Nick have a Structural Engineers License?
I’d want the wall approved as non load bearing.
Better check you health and life policies.
Really make sure nothing above is supported by the wall and do be very careful.
Gloves, eye protection, and particle masks are a must. Steel toe boots wouldn’t be a bad idea either.

Nick checked it all out. It is safe to start swinging away.
We will do our best to be safe.
Thank you for your concern.


I volunteer to produce and direct any episodes with Deanna in them. I already have some very interesting ideas (dreams). I can guarantee a large male audience that will return episode after episode.



aaaahhhhhhhh thanks but… NO

NACHI talk show will be for industry leaders, educators, big REALTORs, marketing and business development.


To Bad I Don’t Live In Colorado I Could Have Helped With The Build.

That is a nice thought Mario, thanks. I bet we get most of the work done over the 3 day weekend.


Does your wife know what your doing?:twisted:

In fact yes she does. Her comment was, “Direct away. I’ll be in the Vette”.


Tell her she rules! :wink: We’ll make room in the vette. :wink:

Well in that case I will be crus’en around with your wife in the vette. You can direct what ever you want with Nick :wink: