Nick, can you comment on this?

One booking of an inspection is not the issue under discussion here.
We’re discussing the image of this organization and of the home inspection industry thats being presented through this type of negative advertising.


Nice. Our “warning” ad works and drives consumer traffic to our members’ websites.

Do you really think this will cost people inspections?

Yes .

Juan, again, thats not the issue here.

The issue is how do we want the professions image to be projected?

Negatively? Through scary warning ads?

I hope not!


Nick, Ads about Willie Horton got some people to vote too.

You going that route?


Through informative warning adds

Juan, one of the first things I pointed out about this ad campaign was that the link led to no “warning” at all !

It just leads to inspectors links.

How is that an informative warning to the public?

It’s not. We’re not here to “inform” the public. We’re here to make sure they don’t make a horrible mistake and hire a non-InterNACHI inspector.

Consumers should be warned to avoid non-members, especially in licensed states where they can be fooled by a minimum-standard, government-issued credential. And consumers should be directed to search sites, like where they can quickly hook up with an InterNACHI inspector. That’s exactly what our ad campaigns do.

We’re not in the consumer information business… we’re in the helping consumers to make the right choices business. Once when we get them to your site… if you want to educate them… by all means, have at it.

Ah I missed that part. I have not clinked on the link. It was still very informative once it led them to my site :). I am pretty confident that no one will get to my site and think “man I read the word ‘warning’ before I got here. I am going to leave now” I am not worried about the “profession’s image”-it doesn’t affect me. I create my own professional image.

Okay, get ready for some sacrilege here!
Non-Nachi inspectors don’t suck! :shock:
There are some very good ASHI and NAHI inspectors out there. BIG NEWS!

And guess what else?
Some NACHI inspectors probably aren’t very good. :shock:

But all of that is beside the point Nick.
And you know it.


That would definitely not drive traffic to my site:mrgreen:

I disagree. It is very difficult to be the best technical inspector you can be without access to our 200, free, online inspection courses. I suppose it is possible to get the same training piecemeal here and there over time, but I’ve been at this for 25 years and I’ve never heard of any non-member being able to pull it off. And in fact, I’m convinced it can’t be done… the courses we offer just aren’t out there anywhere else, even if you were stupid enough to try to fly around and find them outside of InterNACHI.

But none of our many ad campaigns direct any consumer traffic to them anyway. The number of inspection jobs out there is a constant and so every job we get for a member (like Juan just got) is another job an uncertified inspector doesn’t even get a chance at.

Well Nick, I know ASHI and NAHI inspectors personally and they do a very good job. I know thats amazing to you.
I also know that you’re totally focused on improving NACHI and since that is your role I accept some of your tactics.

In this case we disagree. You’re just looking at stats and I’m looking at the greater good of the industry as a whole.


If that were really true, you’d agree that there is critical information found within that, although isn’t always necessary on most inspections, is germane to an inspection job every now and then… and that to have non-members running around out there selling their inspection services to unsuspecting consumers (even when the non-member can do a good job 9 out 10 times) is not good for the “industry as a whole.” Non-members simply don’t know what they don’t know on those remaining 1 in 10 inspection jobs.

WoW. I think Orwell had a name for this…

I’m just Boxer in Animal Farm. I will work harder!

The question for non-members is: Do you want Boxer working for you or against you?