Nick Endorses Canadian National Certification

You guys look like a bunch of 3 year olds arguing in the sandbox. Grow up.

***Raymond Wand,

***I would like visitors to this message board to know his name.

I would like them to know precisely what his recent posts are about.

He was expelled from the world’s largest home inspection association: the International Association of Certified Home Insectors.

For a time, he was allowed to continue to post messages on this board. That was, until he made slanderous remarks regarding me, which resulted in all posts ever made by him previous to this action to be removed from the message board. The problem was so very severe, that removal was the only option.

After that, his user name was blocked from access. In effect, he was banned.

This resulted in a decision on his part to re-register on this association message board and continue the verbal assaults.

He was again told that he had been banned and was no longer welcome.

To this day, he continues the assaults.

Now, he not only verbally abuse members, but he makes disparaging remarks on other message boards.

The origins and intent of these boards, including who owns, controls, or initiates them, is somewhat in question.

My suggestion to NACHI members who do not approve of Mr. Raymond Wand’s actions simply copy and paste this message in response to his continual dribble.

I believe Ray Wand’s actions are unprofessional, and as a member on good standing of InterNACHI, I will no longer respond to these attacks other than to repeat what is written here.

I also believe his actions to be intentional, unwarranted, and not representative of that InterNACHI is all about.

This will stop when Raymond is no longer allowed to post. Until then it’s important to post the facts.

Ignore the thread if you must sir.

Joe why not tell the rest of the story .
Ray was charged ,You called me and demander Ray remove a letter he posed that you sent to him.
Ray did not get much chance to reply when he was removed in about 4;00 hours.
Strange way to run things .
Charged removed and not offered a chance to argue his case
Not offered an appeal and you tell us it is not a Kangaroo court.
Sorry but I still have a hard time seeing that it was handled fair and proper.
I know of no other place in North America that does things like this.
This is how people get treated in other countries not Canada or the USA
.I wonder will all other charges be settled in about 4 hours.

Roy, you are intentionally not reporting the fact that Raymond was actively posting for those 4 hours and in full control of the outcome.
It is dishonest to exclude that fact.:frowning:

You should probably get busy and file ethic charges against me as well.:(:frowning:

Very soon, there will be some other things you will have a hard time seeing.

I will explain after the action has been taken…but I think it will become very clear, very quickly.

Michael By you not saying some thing tell me you condone a kangaroo Court with no appeal.
Far from fair and very very in proper.


They call that a lie where I come from.

Roy Cooke Sr. is a liar. He lies to protect a liar who was removed from this association because he violated our Code of Ethics.

Roy you are not addressing the point I made.:frowning:
You left out very important information including Ray’s defiance during the whole sorry episode.

The only kangaroo court that existed was in your’s and Ray’s mind.

There are few left here who do not agree with the ESOP’s decision and subsequent action. Even you have admitted that Ray was wrong.

Thanks very much James you have said this many times over the past little while and told me there was a court case immediately coming
James did your mother not tell you it is not nice to tell stories.
In other words put your money where your mouth is you backed down the last time and deprived the NACHI charities of $100;00.
Sorry James you keep showing me you have a lot of wind and not many manners.

Go to hell, liar.

Your woman, Wand, has not posted in more than two hours. Do you know why?

Sorry to disappoint you but there are many many who disagree with the ESOP. They do not want their names used as they have seen how vindictive the esop is.
Please Michael take a good look at all those who used to help so many are making very few posts.
Help from many is lacking.

You are a liar.

Roy, there are many many here who are willing to help and post regularly.

You know that is the truth.

Yep you still can not see how the old established who posted often are not. What % of those who now post are over 4 years .
The Newer HIs suffers from not getting a lot of information from those who built this industry

Roy there is NO shortage of useful information or helpful inspectors here.


Then why do you not lock Raymond Wand out of the BB again? And while you are at it DHarris. Their “posts” are anoying and distracting from what ever the original post was!

Or, do you keep them for “entertainment purposes”?

Raymond does continue his “crusade” on other boards, so can get it in stereo!

RAYMOND—Seek professional help, there are meds available!! Get over it!
Move on with your pathetic life.

Why do you as a non member feel you should have a say on how NACHI is run . You too are privilaged to post here .

If only you felt the same way about non member Raymond E. Wand:(

And who are you say I do not .