Nick evades questions/comments!!

Simply brilliant reply…you can still delete that last post to gain some semblance of wanting to defend one’s views.

Quite interesting that two of the most frequent posters have such divergent views on the most important part of the HI industry- the public from which we draw our customers.

Nick says they haven’t a clue about the Hi industry while you claim they are quite smart and should be able to choose the best HI without any legislation. How could you two that are so enmeshed in INACHI have such opposing views on the consumers’ knowledge and ability to hire a home inspector?

I am really puzzled now.

Come back when you are less confused and have something meaningful to say. Until then, the only thing that puzzles me is why I … or anyone else … should give a flying sh-t what you think about anything, particularly an association you don’t belong to and a designation that you don’t have.

3 minutes to reply…you been taking training from another member? still not as fast as that one!! But it does get your post #'s up!!

Want to help INACHI…go to some of the energy blogs that Nick has claimed co-authorship of and correct some of the awful to atrocious “information” contained in them!! To think that HI’s or the public will read this as gospel leads me to believe that quantity and not quality is the rule here!

Oh… and have a talk to JB about some of the theory he learned in energy auditing class versus the practical he never had in the field!!

Again…who cares what you think? You’re nobody. If you were, you’re posts wouldn’t be filtered. That only happens to the dweebs.

You don’t get it, man. Your criticisms mean nothing, here. Nobody cares what you think. I only took you off of “ignore” a week ago so that I could laugh along with a few others at your nonsense. After this thread, you go back on for another few months to save me from reading the same useless diatribe over and over again. I don’t need Nick to filter your crap.

5 minutes to reply!!!

You and Mike just hanging out by your computers waiting for me to post? tell me it ain’t so!!

Birth defect or acquire lack of talent?

You have all this inside info. Hell, I may have to join to see the deeper inner workings of this place!!

How many lap dogs does Nicky have??

Only family members get to complain about family members.Capesh!

WOW! That must have been some trip…four years old and rolling down two flights of stairs…banging your on each and every tread…

No, Bob, anyone with the smarts to figure it out should get to complain about a sham that pulls the wool over the public’s eyes by calling what should be a revered designation a “marketing GIMMICK”. Then the head of this org says “The public hasn’t a clue”.

If you will put up with this crap, my respect for you has just dropped substantially…you always seemed to have more integrity than many here!!!

Members-Only Discussion welcome to the other side. You sure you want to go there? :shock: :twisted:

Are you sure that’s a good argument Brian, you have been here a few months more than me and have ten times the posts, just askin’
or do you have more time than I do??

I definitely have more to question and/or comment on. Look at Bob Elliot, here for 2+ years with 8,400+ posts…but anyone with almost as many posts as Nick, the owner…use your head…your comparison lacks!!!

You will see that most of my posts are in the evenings and/or weekends…I rarely get time to post all day!!

You did not see the members only discussion on this same subject and yes it is for marketing. (so what)?

Licensing and joining associations are easy enough to join also and basically they are also for marketing though NACHI does have some nice classes ,articles,videos and such that certainly make membership worth while.

Ooops ,forgot to mention better marketing than others.:slight_smile:

At $1,000 to join CMI you will not be seeing them around to long anyway, so why even expend energy on the subject Brian?

Those that exist will retire in the next 10-15 years on average is my guess.

Nobody in their right mind will actually be joining unless Nick starts passing out memberships for door prizes.

I won’t get into a pi**ing with you Brian, I am very happy with NACHI, Nick and a large number of the others as they have helped me get through over 500 inspections so far without 1 single callback. If you were to see the member’s only section you would see where most of Bob’s post go, to answering questions and helping others. (And stalking Linas of course)

Shhhhhh… I think the new medications have helped my friends’ psychotic episodes. Don’t get him riled up again.:wink:

Here he comes…:p:p:p:p

Thanks Chuck you woke up the beast, wait I heard something creaking and he may be here… gotta go now.

Since Nick won’t put up all of my posts on the CMI thread (which I don’t save for later recall) due to their contentions about his spindoctoring, I shall continue in the same vain here:

Brian asks:
why did you repeatedly call cmi a “federal certification mark” when it is simply “trademarked”

Nick replied: (by SELECTING a small section from and then burying a longer post of mine)
Because Certified Master Inspector is a federal “certification mark” issued by a federal government… that is what it is. See 5th bullet down:

From the USTO:

*"*What is a certification mark?
A certification mark is any word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination thereof owned by one party (in this case the MICB)who certifies the goods and services of others when they meet certain standards. The owner of the mark exercises control over the use of the mark; however, because the sole purpose of a certification mark is to indicate that certain standards have been met, use of the mark is by others.

Do federal regulations govern the use of the designations “TM” or “SM” or the ® symbol?
If you claim rights to use a mark, you may use the “TM” (trademark) or “SM” (service mark) designation to alert the public to your claim of ownership of the mark, regardless of whether you have filed an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). However, you may only use the federal registration symbol “®” after the USPTO actually registers a mark, and not while an application is pending."

To sum up:

-A certification mark is simply another case of a trademark, patent, service mark, etc.

-The use of CMI has been granted to MICB for their exclsuive use

-The federal government (USPTO) does not certify anyone as a home inspector or Certified Master Inspector for that matter!! It does not “issue” certification marks, but only protects their use by those that apply for their sole use.

-The federal governments have not verified that the association/group applying for the trade/certification/service mark has any credibility in its field of claimed expertise…they simply check to see if the required “mark/name/etc” is presently use by others or is similar to other marks/names in use or registered!!

-Nick likes to stretch the facts to make them seem what they are not…in this case, he’s splitting hairs/playing with words- and burying my posts- to try and save face. SAD!! SAD!!

There will come a day when designations will be regulated by governments and only those HI designations explicitly mentioned in the jurisdiction’s regulations will be the only ones that may be used in that jurisdiction.You may call yourself what you want but it will/may be illegal!