Nick Feeds Scott A Fritter

Feeding Scott and apple fritter.

Looks like Scott is about to fall over if he takes another bite… funny.!!!

On a side note, Scott Patterson has graciously emailed me over the years regarding the Boy Scouts of America, where we have a common interest. He’s as much fun as he looks in that picture. I hope to see him again in Vegas in a couple weeks.

I consider Frank my friend and comrade in fighting that Minneapolis association which permits preferred vendor scheme participation and their attempted rewrite (and sale) of our industry’s SOP to ASTM, the builders, and the REALTORs. I thought what Frank said when he spoke at the meeting, especially regarding licensing, was dead on. He’s opposed to it BTW. He’s opposed to Minneapolis permitted preferred vendor schemes. He’s opposed to inspectors working to correct defects they find on their own inspections. He’s opposed to the Minneapolis association/ASTM attempted take-over of our SOP. So when it comes to Frank… what’s not to love? He is really smart and a good fella. I’ll see him again in Philly next week.