Nick G. did you get my email?

I need some answers to my questions please?


Only Jesus knows the answer! Have you tried emailing him?

Dork Doglicker??? Is that his name??

(I don’t have my glasses on and can’t see too well.);-):wink:

Why can’t Jesus eat M&M’s? They keep falling through his hands. :mrgreen:


Bye, be well


No. I didn’t get your email. Send again to

The village simply won’t be the same without Kenny. :mrgreen:

Will do Nick, thanks.

I’m sure you will find someone else to hate, you’ll be fine joey. :smiley:

Kenny, how long did you last? I think there was a pool. :mrgreen:

Oh you mean the Cesspool…joey, I’am taller than you, so my heads still above water, however, you are treading water…so the question is, how long will you last? Keep your chin up Joe…keep your chin up! :frowning:

Another One Bites The Dust :mrgreen:! :mrgreen:

Kenny, I was here from the start and you were a poser from the start. I suspect that someone will soon jump into your shoes for another short stint (and another after that) as iNACHI Village Idiot ® (iNI) before shuffling back to flippin’ burgers or washin’ cars, but hey no shame a fella’s gotta eat you know.

Hate to disappoint you Jared,(alias joey) but I was doing fine for seven years before joining Nachi, and I can only leave better, due to all of the benefits received while I was here. You would do well to concentrate on inspections and stop trying to force your beliefs down everyones throats. :mrgreen:

Your time is up… Bye Bye! :stuck_out_tongue:

Rumour has it that Ken wants Peter Tafeens job, thats why he is pestering Nick.

Hey Ken;

Clear your private messages, you’re at the limit. My last message to you got bounced for same…


Thank God - or whoever! :mrgreen: