NICK - Get Well Quick


We all need you to get well quick. Especially us in California who are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Wishing you a speedy recovery,

Nick is sick?

Yes, a speedy recovery Nick!

Get well soon.

Yea Nick, take a few days off to rest… Whats the scoop anyway?

Get well!

Thanks guys, and thanks for calling Mario.

I’m fine. I currently can’t walk. Result of a motocross accident. I was scheduled for back surgery today, but there was a car accident in town and my neurosurgeon had to do a 10 hour operation instead. They stuck me with an epidural in the back. I’m tentatively rescheduled for this weekend and have to suffer it out till then. I’m online though… and definitely not watching X-Games this week! :smiley:

Get well Nick. By the way, was this race in Estes Park ?

Saw my first Motocross race this past week.

What!..are you nuts.:slight_smile:

Nick, Get well quick, be praying for ya. :slight_smile:

Ouch…that sure doesn’t sound like fun…get well fast Nick…

sorry to hear this Nick… keep the faith…

Hope you heal fast!

It’s hell getting old. At 59, it is hard getting in and out of my sports car. Get well, and keep the Bio-Freeze handy.

Been there, done that, it’s not fun :frowning:

Be well Mate


Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Get Well Nick…I warned you about them didn’t I…Leave the Bikes Alone Fella.

Hey Nick,

Good luck with the surgery. My dad went through one last year and had 4 vertebrae fused together. For the past few weeks he’s been playing basketball 3 times a week. It’s amazing what they can do today!

I’ve been told by the Doc, No basketball, which is no big deal, No motocross, which is no big deal, and No football, which made me cry. I’ve been playing football for 30 years. Bridge just doesn’t cut it.

Get well Nick. Wishing you great nurses and even greater drugs :slight_smile: