Nick Gromicko accepts position at NACBI

Nick Gromicko has accepted my invitation to become part of our association for the coming year ahead.

National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors and Thermographers™

Nick accepted the position being Chief Operating Officer. I formed the association in 2007, since this time we have grown significantly. We feel having Nick on board will help our association in a myriad of facets.

I’ve known Nick for almost ten years, he will bring a strong set of skills and experience as we continue to grow our association to help as many commercial building inspectors and thermographers as possible around the world.

Welcome aboard Nick…!

Good going Dale.
Wise choice.
Can we call Nick the new Pope of NACBI. :slight_smile:


Good choice, Dale. Onward and upward for NACBI.


Nice work Dale. Good choice.

I am sure Nick will help the Association in more ways than one. :slight_smile:

I am looking for great things to happen in the commercial and thermography world nation wide we need members in every State when a job becomes available there will be someone to bid it in a timely manner.

Did I say we need members in every State ??? go getum Nick:D

I have some ideas if anyone is willing to listen

Nice job guys!

Nicely done Dale. I think big things are to come of this.

Welcome aboard Nick!

Dale has done a great job with NACBI since its inception, it can only get better with Nick onboard.

Welcome aboard Nick!

NACBI is an association that operates as a team to bring together assets to collectively get the job done!

It’s not just about growing another association, but as Dale said “to help as many commercial building inspectors and thermographers as possible around the world”!

I can’t think of anyone more capable of bringing together available assets than Nick Gromicko!

I agree Dave, this should help us all further our commercial/thermography business.

Thanks everyone!

Welcome Nick!

Thank You Nick, we appreciate and have recognized your skill sets many years ago, plus every other thing you consistently utilize to better the inspection profession.

Thanks Again,


Welcome aboard shipmate!

Welcome to NACBI Nick!