Nick Gromicko at 2-day Inspection Convention in Puerto Rico on October 14-15, 2008.

Which airport would you need to fly into in order to attend?

Geeeeeez thats a rough gig Nick! :mrgreen:

I’ve been putting Mary off for 3 years now.

One which allows you to conceal a firearm----:smiley:

Yep, and I subbed for you on one of them (thanks, Nick!).
They are great folks- warm, friendly, sincere, and ardent in their support of NACHI.
Be sure to have Mary and “Papi” give you the downtown tour, including the old fort, microbreweries, beach, and, especially, the “mavi” vendors.
After all that, if you don’t like it, send me again next year . . . I can handle it . . .:wink: :smiley:

We will be more than glad to take nick to the old fort tour and Russ you know already how good MAVI is…
Hope to have all of you can visit us. You do not need a passport and our weather is GREAT in October.

By the way NICK the dates are Oct. 4 and 5

Joseph, Peter and Dale

It is not a tough gig it will be sooooooooooooo good for all inspectors of all over the country to see our type of construction, our cultural and great activities and to enjoy with us our food and Fantastic Educational Program for inspectors.
And belive me we can party also.

Summer sales of MAVI here in the states would probably be good enough that I could quit inspecting . . .
Papi has the family recipe; you could start PAPI’s MAVI kiosks across the US that would rival Starbuck’s . . .

I’m sure that was said with rolling eyes :roll: and humorous sarcasm;-) :smiley: , Mary!

I Say Next Nachi Convention In Puerto Rico!!! All In Favor???

All in favor PLEASE VOTE…
Great idea and we can start the Mavi Kiokos very soon Russ.

For Joseph the airport will be Luis Muñoz Marin or you can writte SJU on your search.
Let me know I can find good hotel deals.