Nick Gromicko comes to Florida

I asked Nick come to the Tampa Bay area yesterday to take part in three different events. One of those events was talking to over 80 Realtors at the West Pasco Board of Realtors. Nick presented them with the idea of Move In Certified inspections and how it can help them unload some of their inventory. He hit some major points and helped them understand what benefits there were to using the Move In Certified inspections.
At the meeting I had a Broker come up to me and ask if I could supply more information to her office on the topic and this afternoon I had another Realtor call me to book a pre-listing inspection. This is definitely an idea worth pushing and I plan to push it more with as many Realtors as I can.

Nick also attended the electrical class that Gerry Beaumont was kind enough to put on for NACHI members as well as speak at the NACHI chapter meeting that we held following the electrical class. With over 50 members in attendance I think both events went incredibly well. We were able to discuss the 4 point insurance form for Citizens, the upcoming state licensing, and the Move In Certified program as well as talk about E&O insurance with a representative from FREA.

Thanks Nick for taking the time to come visit us here on the west coast of Florida and thank you Gerry for volunteering you time for the electrical class.

And Valerie, it was really nice meeting you as well!

Oh Nick, I think I’m going to need a few of those signs if you have some extras lieing around.

Hi to all,

Scott, thanks for organising this event, I know it was one of the most informative chapter events that I have attended. Also thanks to all the attendees, it was great to be able to catch up with so many old friends.