Nick Gromicko is a god

I just finished Nicks business class, and WOW does this man… wait, shall I say, yes I should… is a god. His ideas and implementations are pure genius. I would like to root around in his idea reject pile.

Thanks Nick!

I will say…Nick is a great resource and his ideas, if you follow them, will result in more business.

Thanks Nick for letting Chris and Myself attend on behalf of the Aluminum Association and for passing out our guide to Aluminum conductors in the welcome kits.

Your a good man sir…INACHI Rules!

OMG, that was the best session of the conference. Nick is a dynamite speaker and trainer! Hope someone recorded it so all nachi members can see it.thanks Nick!

Yeah he is cool.

Nick is truly a wealth of knowledge.
His class was very educational besides the fun that we had.:smiley:
Thanks Nick!

Joey J. Berta

All Pro Home Inspection, Inc.
Lic#: HI 8028

Attended Nick’s business class in Las Vegas. Very knowledgeable on the home inspection business and a great speaker. If he is in your area giving a seminar, don’t miss a great opportunity.

I have to say Nick is the man. He gave phenomenal direction on building and growing your business professionally in his business class at the Inspection Universe Convention. He is dynamic and kept our attention the whole time. Ben as well gave a great presentation on “building a killer website”. Thank you INACHI for the resources you provide for us–I can’t wait until the next convention. InterNACHI is second to none and is hands down the leading association in the industry. No other association offers the value that InterNACHI brings to the table and I very much appreciate it.

Just out of curiosity, since I was not there, how different are his ideas and concepts from Darth Vader on the Darkside?