Nick Gromicko joins NACBI as Director of Operations

The National Association of Commercial Building Inspectors & Thermographers (NACBI) announced today the addition of Mr. Nick Gromicko as Director of Operations. Mr. Gromicko’s proven passion for “inspection excellence” within the residential and commercial inspection trades is second to none. He is a proven leader, promoter, author and educator in everything dealing with building inspections and inspection associations.

NACBI is today’s leading commercial building inspection & Thermography association.  It was founded in 2007 by long time NACHI member, Dale Duffy.   Today NACBI enjoys a growing number of members all across the U.S. and Canada seeking to take their inspection businesses to the next level.

Current NACBI directors are excited at the opportunity to work with Mr. Gromicko in this mutual endeavor of providing inspection excellence.

In your career as a commercial building inspection professional and/or thermographer you strive to improve your skills every day with the array of services you provide. You assist/consult with clients and property owners during major decisions, problem solving, and adjustments from today’s and yesterday’s building standards and codes. Membership in NACBI can help you do it all. At every stage of your career – from start-up to seasoned professional – NACBI will help you be your very best and hone your skills by:

**Maximizing your potential ─ **Professional Development
• NACBI offers FREE business and ethics consultation SEVEN days a week with a guaranteed 72 hour inquiry response time by proven and highly successful professionals with a PERSONAL TOUCH.
• NACBI Career Services not only provides information about careers in commercial building inspections and/or thermography, you will also gain access to inspection jobs through our state-of-the-art networking.
• Business Resources - NACBI offers a variety of pdf’s, word documents, etc. specific to general business practices. We include sample Property Condition Reports, Contracts, Bid Proposals, etc. Many of our sample’s are prepared in “microsoft word” and can be easily modified for your business.

**Staying Ahead of the Learning Curve ─ **Education
• The NACBI Institute features a treasure trove of programs that provide continuing education.
• NACBI Online Learning and podcasts provide professional development courses designed to help you fulfill your ethical responsibility to stay current in the field.

** Making an impact on the commercial building inspection and thermography professions of tomorrow ─ **Advocacy
• As an NACBI member, you’re part of a powerful force. NACBI is a highly effective advocate for commercial building and thermography surveys and inspections. We lead the charge on every contemporary issue facing our professions and keep our members abreast of the latest information on legislation or codes that directly affect our chosen professions and those that we serve.

**Showing your pride of being a professional commercial building inspector and/or thermographer - **Credibility
• Name recognition: To be recognized as an NACBI member brings a wealth of prestige and credibility.
• By stating you are a member of NACBI on your business and marketing materials assures those you serve that you are committed to your profession, and that you adhere to the NACBI Code of Ethics.

**Expanding your connections – ****Networking**

• As an NACBI member, you have access to numerous networking opportunities and a wide range of resources guaranteed to keep you in the loop professionally.

**Wait, there’s more - **Discounts
• Members receive exclusive discounts on all NACBI resources and services, as well as discounts from outside organizations.
• NACBI has created partnerships with industry leaders in thermography training, tools and equipment, thermal imagers, and much more! As you can see, membership in NACBI can save you time and money; provide you with professional development and continuing education opportunities; provide prestige and credibility, and increase your network of commercial building and thermography professional contacts.

Join NACBI today by connecting to []( and click on the “Join Now Button” and proceed to becoming an NACBI member.

Good going Dale and thanks John for letting us know.

NACBI is a good organization.

Very elite Members of the Commercial Inspection World.

Dale has gone a long ways.

Good luck to all. :):smiley:

I think it is a good match congrads to Dale and Nick for this meeting of the minds I see good things in the future:D

Ditto Marcel! Good things to come in the future.

Looks good, thanks Nick and Dale.

Congrats guys

Is there a NACHI discount to join?

If one is to invest in their business with intent for growth, opportunity, and success, a discount of such an investment should not be the first consideration… :wink:

I don’t think NACBI is a discount store…

Welcome Nick!

Looking forward to you expertise :slight_smile:

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OK now how long will it take to get a e-mail from NICK.:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:
NACBI offers FREE business and ethics consultation SEVEN days a week with a guaranteed 72 hour inquiry response time by proven and highly successful [size=3]Professionals with a PERSONAL TOUCH.[/size]

That’s not his job…

If you have a question, submit it to NACBI.

Nick already has a 7 days a week same day response, so to me this has always been his job. I have never gone a day without my daily bread David.
Maybe he can Help with the 72 hr response time.:mrgreen:

That’s not his job at NACBI.

All the members at NACBI work for a living, they don’t hang out on message board. If you have a question there is a high probability that there is someone from NACBI to answer your phone call almost immediately.

Dale is on his way to Ecuador. You might have to wait 72 hours if you’re wanting to talk to him. Thus the time guarantee.