Nick Gromicko speaking at Venice Chapter meeting in Venice Beach, FL, April 11, 2014.

Very cool!

If I am not a Venice Chapter member, can I come as a guest? About an hr drive for me. What is the cost if so?

You come as my guest.

Make sure to make a stop at the beach. When you walk around in the sand you will find fossilized shark teeth all around the sand as you walk the shoreline.

I used to fly into the Venice airport just to walk across the street and get some sharks teeth, they are all over the place.

Sweet, count me in

I want to take my kid there just to get sharks teeth :slight_smile:

If you have not meet Nick in person I suggest you attend if you can. You won’t likely ever meet a nicer more generous guy and he also knows a thing or two about running a home inspection biz :slight_smile:

It’s amazing how many teeth are there. I usually will walk around for 30 minutes and leave with 10 good sized ones. One day I want to go scuba diving out there, I hear guys come back with really big shark teeth.

Hopefully it will have warmed up by then… Today it won’t get out of the 50’s.

It looks like it is getting warmer there.

See ya all next Friday:

InterNACHI Staffers are coming to: Chloe, Kim, and Stephanie.

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Awesome. Looks like a great event is shaping up. I’m bringing tons of free stuff for all the attendees.

Does SWFl have a chapter? Fort Myers area.

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John, drive on up to Venice Beach. It will be fun. You can eat and drink on me all night.

Sounds good, I’ll try and get there. Thanks

That sounds like a night of drinking :slight_smile:

I will be there…get to see my buddies…can’t wait!

Drinks and food on you Nick?