Nick Gromicko wins 7-year legal war, defeating HomeSafe


Thanks Nick! :+1:


Great work defending home inspectors from the “patent troll”. Been following this for years.
Even big thermography company, FLIR, FLUKE ducted for cover Yet Nick Gromicko our benevolent founder anteed up every single penny to keep us safe.

Decision is Final The only procedural remedy available for HomeSafe, to file a motion for a rehearing in which had to have been filed within 14 days (on or before March 15, 2022).
HomeSafe did not file any motions as of yet… and so the decision in favor of Gromicko and InterNACHI is now final.
Lets hope the saga has ended.


Awesome, thank you Nick!


This is great, thank you


Nick…you da’ man!
And that is suitable way to spend member’s hard-earned money and dues.

So does, this victory mean that HomeSafe’s claims of patent infringement are not valid against any home inspector, whether NACHI or not?


Yes. I think that is correct and for a couple other reasons as well:

  1. I’ve filed petitions to cancel all of their trademarks, not just the ones regarding this case. A canceled trademark is like it never existed, so prior claims of infringement are voided too.
  2. I bankrupted them in legal fees. They’re out of business.

So in essence, our entire industry is good to go.

Now we just have to bankrupt scumbag ASHI and we’ll have a pretty good profession. I’m working on it.


I’m glad You are not mad at me Nick !


The term “patent troll” was in my mind as I was reading this…and then lined out in the article.
Clearly not all of the details are in this for what they thought was their ownership and rights…But it just seems very far reaching! Thanks for the information and efforts!

Amazing, I love it, looking forward to the next step

Let us call it like it is!


Nick Gromicko won because he and his logic largely surpass anything in the domain!

Did I miss anything?

If I did, please tell me Nick?


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Thats awesome. I didnt even know this was going on. How in the world would an inspection company have all rights to thermal camera use, when they dont even manufacture them in the first place??


Congratulations Nick. Job well done!

Thanks, Nick. This is good news for us inspectors. Keep up the good work.

Thank you Nick! More reasons for me to love this honorable association.

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Thank you Nick, but i dont understand how this company can prevent me from using someone elses product to do my job.

Well, it’s not the product that they had patents on. It’s the processes. They owned process patents.

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Thanks Nick!!!

Thank you Nick! That’s absolutely crazy to think that they were able to obtain process patents in the first place. That’s like a contractor getting a process patent to use a power tool. Really?

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Thank you Nick for looking out for us all!