Nick is everywhere

Stopped by a Real Estate office today. Have been there many times and still have not met all the agents.
At the front desk were two agents pulling their turn at desk duty.
While I chatted with one of them, the other continued playing on her computer. I eventually got to the point of handing her the Buy Back card, (which just arrived today) and was explaining a bit about it. When I mentioned InterNACHI and that the big guy was the mind behind it, the other one looked up and said, Nick?
I said, you know Nick? She gets a bit reminiscent and says…yes…I worked with him in PA. Said that you and your brother were the first two to bring a laptop to an inspection, and the only one’s that she ever saw take your shoes off or cover them with booties.
Nick, do ya know the name?

I have a lot of friends in real estate. Lots.

She didn’t go into detail about the town or city.
First name Janice
Last name Rogouski. Can’t say if that was her name at the time

Regardless, I think I gained a bit of respect just through the association!