Nick No Black Friday Specials?

What gives you always like a good party I figured we might see some Black Friday giveaways or specials at Inspector Mall today :wink:

Billy, Nick is probably out with the rest shopping for specials. :mrgreen:

Yea I attempted at 4AM starting with Kohls however came up short on some items due to the fact Walmart let people camp out in the store since last night lol.

My wife got up at 1:30 am this morning to go in to work at JC Penny for 4:00 AM, and she said people will be waiting at the door.
Isn’t that crazy?:slight_smile:


I had to park at the police station across the street from Walmart. The entire lot was filled with people at 5AM. Went to Kohls at 4 same thing. It’s a mad house. I did find me a pair of nice leather shoes for $20.00 original price was $60.

I don’t like shopping enough to wait in line at 4:00 am, that’s for sure. :):wink:

Agree. First year I tried it doubt I’ll do it again lol.

I bet Nick is still sleeping it off after all that feasting yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

Micro soft word is on sale for $79.99
Guess I can stop buying new computers to avoid paying them now.

Bob just use open source word it’s FREE and it includes excel as well.

December 21st. Be here. It is going to be insane!

Can’t wait Nick, is it going to be a Christmas party for all?:):smiley:

You guys have fun. My daughters birthday is 21 Dec. Shes always first :slight_smile:

21 on the 21st. Billy? Now that’s a party. :mrgreen:

May she have a good birthday and your around to enjoy it Billy.

Thanks Marcel. She’s only turning 15 however :wink:

I would love to Billy ,but OO does not support Microsoft word Macros.

You will find they force you to use Spreadsheets if you ever get into commercial Inspections.

Been using Microsoft alternatives since my first computer but the Macros thing is a deal breaker and there is no workaround.

I even asked Dom try when he came to Chicago.

You sure? I might have the wrong thing for you however this link may be of some interest.

I am sure
just bought and tried everything else.
Trust me on this.
You may be able to read but not change spreadsheets and that goes for Google Docs,or any other program as Microsoft has it coded to make sure they get your money.
OO is great though and perhaps you will never need Macros.

So what’s the link I posted all about then? I’m honestly confused. Are you wanting to export something from Microsoft Word over to OO and you can’t because of Macros on Word or you simply looking for a product that uses macros? OO does just that.

Who forces spreadsheets for what? I have never used a spreadsheet for anything other than my own documents.
What’s nice about Open Office is you can create a pdf from within the program.