Nick No Black Friday Specials?

You guys have fun. My daughters birthday is 21 Dec. Shes always first :slight_smile:

21 on the 21st. Billy? Now that’s a party. :mrgreen:

May she have a good birthday and your around to enjoy it Billy.

Thanks Marcel. She’s only turning 15 however :wink:

I would love to Billy ,but OO does not support Microsoft word Macros.

You will find they force you to use Spreadsheets if you ever get into commercial Inspections.

Been using Microsoft alternatives since my first computer but the Macros thing is a deal breaker and there is no workaround.

I even asked Dom try when he came to Chicago.

You sure? I might have the wrong thing for you however this link may be of some interest.

I am sure
just bought and tried everything else.
Trust me on this.
You may be able to read but not change spreadsheets and that goes for Google Docs,or any other program as Microsoft has it coded to make sure they get your money.
OO is great though and perhaps you will never need Macros.

So what’s the link I posted all about then? I’m honestly confused. Are you wanting to export something from Microsoft Word over to OO and you can’t because of Macros on Word or you simply looking for a product that uses macros? OO does just that.

Who forces spreadsheets for what? I have never used a spreadsheet for anything other than my own documents.
What’s nice about Open Office is you can create a pdf from within the program.

Exactly. I hate that Word is missing this function.

So install PrimoPDF and PDF creation will be available as an installed printer from any application.

I will try to explain one more time.
One of the large Commercial outfits uses Word based Spreadsheets (Excel) that has Macros, and Macros created in Word can not be exported to any other program period.

I hope that clears it up as I can not be any more straight forward.

Once again you may never have that issue unless you run into a Client that uses Macros, but then again you may.

All of the larger one’s use MS. No getting around it I tried many years ago, and just gave in and got use to the MS.

I hope jeff made that more clear Billy.
The deal I got included up to 3 computers.
Just switched Phones this weekend also and am no longer a Blackberry user.

Gone to Google’s Android system.

If anyone needs advice I am learning fast as to what to do and which devise does what.

I am having fun with the SMS now as all the messages are in cartoon bubbles.

SMS me Condo…I’d like to see that it looks like—:stuck_out_tongue:

Sent , but it may only display on my side as it is an app from the android market.
Most are free.

You can download Office 2010 free for a year’s usage (beta version) and get ALL the features here:

You guys can have your black Friday shopping. The savings aren’t worth it to me…

I went the IL/UC game with my Dad instead. I froze my but off like you guys did, but got to see a pretty good game (even if Cincinnati cleaned Illini’s clock.)

Looks like the IPhone.

Yeah kinda but my version is better as I did a comparison with my brothers.

AT&T is slower than my Sprint ,not stuck with a high priced calling plan ($99 covers everything),plus I have a physical keyboard and the phone software keeps upgrading internally,not stuck with internal battery ,I have two),Also bigger storage with sd cards.

He got mad as he always bragged how iphone was the best (not anymore)

Yours is always better ain’t it Bob??