Nick on Sewer Gas Death in KC Star

This is an old interview.

I thought there was a new story where Nick was arrested for getting high by sniffing sewer gas in Kansas City that made the headline in the Star. LOL.

May be an old story, but note the date on this article: yesterday. They just verified that it was sewer gas that killed the person.

It was an interview I did on Wednesday. I think she died of a combination of things, meth use, drain cleaner, and sewer gas.

If you look life, it is often the combination punches that do the damage: I lost my job and I can’t sell my house to move to where there are jobs. Or, I have asthma and I smoke cigarettes. Everything has to be looked at holistically. A human body isn’t that different from a balance sheet. Two or three departments start losing money and the whole company goes down.

The good news is that the reverse is true. Personally, I exercise every day, but I don’t watch my diet (I eat whatever I want). If I did both I’d be more than twice as better off as doing only one or the other.

Hydrogen sulfide has a long history of industrial fatalities … in addition to the fact that lower exposures that do not kill have caused brain and nerve damage. It is also explosive (when it is mixed with methane) and not to be taken lightly.

I just filled up my basement laundry tub trap with water.

Pour some vegetable oil in there, too, to slow down evaporation.

One of the tricky things about sewer gas is that … after a few minutes at certain levels, it deadens the sense of smell. Many mistaken believe that since they no longer smell it, it is no longer present, and continue to inhale the harmful vapors.

Good to know. It’s kind of like people who own 17 cats and can’t smell them.

Yep. Or smokers.

Won’t the vegetable oil start to smell over time. Is there a better oil that could be used?

Nick that is exactly what I find when doing investigations on IAQ. Not always is it just one thing that makes someone ill and for sure if someone has died a full investigation as to why is pursued.
I also agree with JB and have seen this clearly at work.

Mineral oil would work just as well, probably.

Try RV antifreeze.

The best choice in my opinion.

As long as you aren’t on a private waste water treatment (septic) system.

From a message board;

The problem with vegetable oils is that they oxidize and become rancid. Rancid oils adhere to surfaces like glue and are very hard to remove, both from the toilet trap and the drain pipes.:mad: Moreover, oil and grease on the drain pipe walls can act like a magnet for toilet paper and other solids, which can quickly “snowball” into a complete clog of the drain line.

**winterization **

Hello, I have been using RV antifreeze in my cabin since 1994 and have had no problems.I have 2 sinks,1 shower, and a toilet. I use it full strength and about 3/4 gallon each time I winterize. I take almost all the water out of toilet tank and some out of toilet bowl,then add antifreeze to both tank and bowl, shower and sink traps. I also use cabin several times during winter months.

Read more:

The pink RV rated stuff is fine.

Good to know. Thanks.