Nick Or Ben Can you comment on this ?

I for one like the articles. Keep them coming.

For the record, I like Peter Tafeen, because all the right people do not.

Peter is a good man and works harder than anyone I know.

I just wish more articles were written for the public and not just for the inspector, then they could actually be used for “newsletters”. I like Johns Newletter, but I am in that little corner of the country that most of his information did not apply. Winter, Furnaces, snow, ice dams etc…we have none of that here, so, yes I would like to make my own newsletter…more articles written for consumers would help…

Well, our former e-newsletters and the current articles were/are not really for consumers. It is difficult to publish an e-newsletter for consumers because you’ll get blocked for spam if the opt-out % is too high. They’re really for real estate agents, who seem to like technical articles about inspection issues.

Ooops, I did not see “revamp”. Sorry!
But why revamped something that worked so well?

For some reason, I believe you have that warped sense of values.