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Here is where we see some claims that have no merit. The system or component dies shortly after the client moves into the home and the inspector is blamed for verbally stating his/her personal opinion of how long that system or component might last. My advice is to include an official, third-party life expectancy chart with every report for two reasons:

First, it reminds your client that everything in his/her home is falling apart over time.
Second, it takes the target away from your personal comments and moves it over to InterNACHI.

Here is the link to refer your clients to:

I would change the word “may” to “likely.”

makes perfect sense what you just pointed out as does everything. I so much appreciate this

Your word “Too” should be “to.”

I would also remove “prior to closing” from the sentence as you do not know if that conflicts with the terms of their sales agreement.

Same comments as in my post #24. Furthermore, it is a bit overkill IMHO.

So you don’t have an inspection company, you want the client to pay the inspector?

Also, make up your mind. Is the fee due “upon completion of the on-site inspection” or is it due “before the inspection report will be released?

In the very same paragraph you switch from using the term “inspector” to using the term “company.”

Then in the next paragraph you go back to using the term “inspector.”

I likee.

I don’t like your arbitration clause. Why make it easy for a plaintiff to file a claim. They watch Court TV all day and they all want to play attorney. If they want to go after you, make them pony up the money for a real attorney in a real court with real rules of evidence heard by a real judge.

Huh? What preceding inspection agreement? There was a preceding inspection agreement prior to this one?

Only about 1/2 of all real estate agents are REALTORs (members of NAR). Change to “real estate agent/broker” or something.

Hope that helps. It was fun!

Nick your awesome thank you so much for taking the time. InterNACHI “ROCKS”

It was really fun.