Nick, the new...

interNachi decals came today. They are very nice, they look real classy! Thanks a lott. :smiley:

Anybody that hasn’t seen these, needs to get some so we can make interNachi a household word.

Sorry about not having them cut-out already but the die to 4 weeks to order, so you have to use sissors for now. The new ones will come pre-cut.

Shoot, I’m not complaining, they look great to me. The gold is beautiful, I just wish the postman had not bent them. I will post pictures after I put them on my vehicles.

I have the old ones on my side mirrors and gas cap cover.

Order the new ones… free:

Hold a dozen or so for the Idaho Chapter, please, Nick-
I’ll be down in Boulder next week to pick them up when I do the NACHI TV special with Dominic!

I can say that I am really impressed with the design of these shiny GOLD stickers. The sun reflections will get their attention while you’re driving.

Got mine a couple weeks ago.

Got mine also - They look great! Not that hard to cut out. Scissors and an exacto knife do the trick.

Thanks Nick, just got mine on the van last week.



They do look great. Anyone know any tricks on applying them so they don’t get lots of bubbles under them. I put one on the back of my laptop, and it would look awesome if I could get the bubbles out.

Never got mine. This happens alot and I think it is something with my e-mail.

With the larger InterNACHI decals, it is suggested that you start on one end of the decal, use masking tape to secure the top and bottom edges to where you want to adhere this sticker.

Once the decal is taped to where it will adhere, slowly peel off the backing. Once you’ve peeled away some of this layer, slowly begin adhering the decal to the surface. You’ll continue in this fashion of removing the backing and adhering the decal/transfer tape to your surface until it is complete. Once the entire decal/transfer tape is adhered, use a credit card (if you happen to have credit) and squeegee out any tiny air bubbles (while the transfer tape is still on the decal).

Once you’ve thoroughly squeegeed out any of the air bubbles, slowly remove the transfer tape so that all that is left is the vinyl decal.

It is best to do this process very slowly as to not make any mistakes. If some air bubbles still remain inside the InterNACHI decal, grab a small pin because you will need to pop the air bubbles and slide your credit card over these areas to make these bubbles disappear. These holes are very tiny and will be unnoticeable.

Applying soapy water to the surface prior to removing the backing helps re position the decal if it’s not where you intended it to be and also helps eliminate air bubbles.

Order more if you need them, we have thousands.

Bobby, I put a link to the picture of your truck up at the bottom of

As promised… the new die cut ones are in, no sissors necessary:

Send them to Jeff Merit for the Chicago area.
We can get them at the next meeting.