Nick... This is getting a bit ridiculous...

It is becoming more and more a PIA with all these threads clogging up the MB.

Perhaps all the “student” threads should be placed in a closed section for their use. They should also FAIL the course if they do not post in the threads as instructed by Ben instead of starting new threads they have no intention of returning to.

Attached capture is of the “New Posts” page a few minutes ago… (not showing but is a full page of course threads)…

You would bi tch about anything ? Wouldn’t you?
Go change your Depends and post something worthwhile… Friggin’ Yankees !
Paybacks “are” a bit ch…Huh?

Paybacks “are” a bit ch…Huh?

Mr. Jonas,

There is a very very very cool tool out there called FastStone Capture that allows you to take screen captures of an entire web page, create videos, capture sections of a website, and more. I use every day as a professional website developer.

I just purchased a lifetime license for you, so visit their website at and download the application to your PC.

I entered your email address, so you should receive the key.


One could easily make the same argument about many factors of the msg board.

Made a correction for you Ian… :shock: :wink:



The educational forums are our most popular.

Ha ha… Love FastStone and have been telling members to use it for many years.

According to who?

Look at the “Views” column:

The majority of views are the result of most recent post. Only to discover the post was from a student, posting for the first time, some babble to comply with a course they’re taking.

As I’ve repeatedly said, Mr. Elliot, you are a very smart man.

The # of views to # of posts ratio is higher than any other section. That means inspectors like to look at the images those students are posting. Inspectors like to look at images of stuff found on an inspection. I don’t know why, they just do. Maybe because it’s kind of like being on an inspection.

It’s also why we built and why it is so popular.

I somewhat agree with Jeff and Chris.
It looks like idiot babbling to anyone viewing it.

Forum is a bad place for mixing in educational requirement s that are designed only to increase SEO value hits ]at the expense of ruining my enjoyment of idiots babbling.


First: Posting inspection-related images in a forum for other members (including fellow students) to comment on is a legal requirement to maintain many of our governmental approvals.

Second: Viewing inspection-related images on our forum is a popular activity of our membes judging by the views per post ratios.

Here is the problem.

Many of those first time posters do not come back or respond to issues that are obvious in their pics.

That is not good.

We know for certain that they return to read the comments.

I vote to let the students post here. Come and get “blasted” by the “oldies”. It is right of passage for all “newbies”. We need JJ and Larson to tell us …please post in the correct forum or did you notice 3 other things wrong with that service panel or what you wrote reads like goobldy goock. I am just trying to point out that we are learning from you! Keep up the great work guys…I appreciate it.