NICK URGENT call me!!!!!


I have the number for a national radio show that wants to talk inspections.

Call me to get the number 972-487-5634

Does anyone know how to get in touch with Nick?

Cool… Way to go Barry.


Do you know how to contact him?
She’s waiting for a call back tonight show is tomorrow and her guy cancelled. She’s saving me for the local shows.
So she is looking for a National person to do the show.

**Contact InterNACHI’s Founder and Director of Public Relations by email: **
Nick Gromicko

You afraid to talk you are part of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CERTIFIED HOME INSPECTORS go for it you don’t need the Big Daddy.:wink:

Nope, they really wanted someone from Natioal they use me for the local show and mag.

I would be willing too…for NACHI anyday, anytime, almost anywhere…
I’m sure most of us think this way


Thanks for the call I was away from the 'puter trying to do some supper time with m’lady the queen of the castle.

I did get through to Nick via the second number you gave me.

all’s well in NACHIville, Universe

Glad to help :smiley:

I’m doing the national show today. Thanks all!

Will there be a link to it?:smiley:

What show/station/time is it?

Just finished the show, it will run in markets that cover all of N. America on and around December 22 and may repeat several times in some markets. I spoke much about pre-listing inspections,, and where to find a certified inspector. Many thanks to Barry for “makin’ it happen!”

Great move guys! WOW, now that’s action at it’s best!

Let us know exactly when we can listen to the radio shows locally or on the internet.

Yeah, Nick do you know the name of the show it was?

Smart thinking Barry.
Congrats Nick… that should help send some leads our way… :slight_smile: