Nick Was Right Again



Nick has said it time and again and here is the proof. Licensing only promotes a price war between inspectors. Call it what you want, licensing, certification, registration, etc. etc. As soon as we all have obtained the ‘approved’ qualification the only thing left to differentiate us from all the other inspectors with the same ‘license’ is our price.

In the world of HI licensing, and for those who promote it as necessary, I remind them to be careful what you wish for.

One cannot be a capitalist in a socialized profession, that’s for sure.

Too bad price wars only go in one direction, down!

Not true but lets go with it. When you look for a tool on the internet, what do you look for? In this case it is the same item that will preform the same function.

For myself, I look at the price. What does the website look like? When calling them, do I feel comfortable with who I’m talking to? Do they offer anything more that goes with the item I’m looking at purchasing such as accessories, classes? What do other people feel about this company?

At first glance, it appears there is no differences between companies that sell the same tool, but yet I feel there can be a huge difference. Some of these companies distinguish themselves from their competition while others have a harder time with that.

And yet look at how many people shop at Walmart and the Ma & Pa shops go out of business.

Aint that the truth… Personally, I prefer to shop at the Ma and Pa shops. Yes, the prices may be a bit higher, but the service is usually second to none. I want to spread my money back to the people who give it me…the locals. We are very fortuneate up where I live that there is no Wal-Mart nearby, 1 1/2 hours away.
We have a little ma and pa convenience store here, ran by a young couple; when pricing out a corner jacuzzi tub for our house, this couple got me what I wanted for $400 less than Rona, $200 less than TimBrMart. Quite a saving for the exact same product.

"For myself, I look at the price."

Thank you. Case closed.

Don’t think so, George!! Don’t believe all you hear from Dr. Spin!!!

Flooding the market with more and more HI’s through easy certification creates markets with too many inspectors…then the lesser known newbies drop the rates to get started… and to try to stay in business. Been watching a newbie’s (1.5 years or so) availability/ booking board…nothing booked for the rest of the month yet and only saw 2 bookings in the past month or so…It was a Saturday PM…wonder if he just wanted the PM off???

Scene from Texas…

Buyer called me today and said my price was twice as expensive
but he liked me and my web page.

It can happen anywhere.

My prices will raise dramatically if licensing ever happens in Missouri. I can always go back to general contracting.

Russel Ray has it right. You market different levels of inspections, Basic, Standard, and Premium. The tire kickers get the Basic but usually switch to the Standard when they fine out the Basic is the bare minimum. For clients that want a proper inspection and are willing to pay for it will buy the Standard or Premium inspection. By adding value you increase your income, volume of business and your customers are more satisfied.

Had a client earlier this week that was balking at the price. I told him two things…1) Go ahead and let me inspect the house, and if at anytime before I give him his report, he doesn’t feel like my services are worth the fee, then he doesn’t have to pay me, and he can call one of the other guys on his list. 2) Check out my web blog.

Don’t know if he checked the blog, but I did the inspection, and his words were something on the lines of “I’m sure glad I paid the extra for you. This was definitely worth it.”

I don’t see licensing as being an “equalizer”. But it certainly is a PERCEIVED equalizer in the eyes of the consumer. Therefore, from my point of view, it’s not only an added monetary and time tax on my business, I also have to go to extra work in my marketing to overcome that perception. For me personally, it’s simply an added, unnecessary burden.

Wasn’t a quote from the good Doctor. That was a quote from a member on another thread. His personal experience counts for more than spin.

Sounds like he was quoting Dr. S…It all sounds so similar when everyone is finished indoctrination.

Whatever. :roll: