Nick your position please

You have seen the Florida proposed rules that are very quickly going to happen. Is it your official decision to do nothing and let these rules just go through?

Just asking and need to know if your helping or not.

Thanks - Russ

No position or no public position or Russ go to hell?..Anything? #-o

Thanks Joe and your right that is a way for me to get a response, but I cannot and will not post an email sent to me.

Would like for him to publicly state his position, so we can go from here with or wothout his aide. As of now, its without his aide.

But thanks Joe, was kind of you to give me the address, I truely appreciate your help.

Email him and say go read the board. I need help there not here.

LMAO…you think he hasn’t seen this?

He may not of yet if you just started this thread.

Hey Billy here is his postion…I think its F U I am taking the cash and screwing everyone I can…

Thanks Nick…

Nick is successful at what he does. It’s sad that people have to put him down because of it. Hurt people hurt.:wink: