Nick Zooming In On Bears

Nick said he was really enjoying his new IR camera. He said he liked going
into the woods and zooming in on the wild bears at night. He said it was really
fun until he realize that his IR camera does not have a zoom function…:mrgreen:

That is what I call not paying attention to details??? where was the mamma

Last week I got to work about a 1/2 hour late. A large black bear was just outside my front door and wouldn’t let me get to my car.

Notice the railing on the steps to my driveway in the bottom left of the first PIC.

I ran up the steps and got the last PIC of it on my driveway.

bear 002.jpg

bear 002.jpg

bear 004.jpg

bear 001.jpg


Note to self: Don’t leave anything 1/2 eaten in a McDonald’s bag under the car seat overnight… especially when you live at 9,000 feet. As a father of an Eagle Scout, I should have known better.

and I thought i had bad neighbors…

Don’t be surprised if he comes looking for a snack at a later date!

“Come back to your jeep one more time good Buddy.”

Yes, you should. :wink: