Nick's $1,000.00 Nicest Inspection Office Contest. Win big cash!

Not Russell’s crib for sure but hey should of seen where I started :). PS… If I win anything I’ll pick another winner give what I win to them plus $100 off my 2 day business success event if they sign up AND 1 full free hour of 1on1 training via my webinar.

Visit for full syllabus details regarding the 2 day event.

Russ wins hands down. It’s every guys dream machine. Damn you Russel :wink:

No point, my office is literally a 4’x4’ space in a hallway. There was a thread a few month ago where a lot of guys showed their setups. There were a lot of nice ones.

Russ does have a pretty amazing setup, can’t see that one getting beat.

I don’t know, I prefer Stephen’s myself. :slight_smile:



Nothing fancy for sure. I have a mobile setup in the back of the expedition as well as a home office.

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.


Agreed, my office is here, little patch of my living area and mostly in my truck front seat…

Kinda sparse.:roll: I guess if it work’s.
What do you do when you want to work in your skivvies, dam bugs will be trying for Mr. Johnson.

Now I am not finished yet and ladies with the cat calls, this is a cheep set-up.
Offices are you business.
I do post inspection reviews & in office consultation and although Steven’s S. office is…well…hmmmmm. what can…I got it…organic, I doubt my clients would appreciate having to swat the bugs away and listen to croaking frogs through the presentation. Psst… I think we should all send him a dime;)

Look at Dale Duffy and Russell. Both using an office shot to show their prospective clients they can handle multi inspections.
Smell the coffee.

YEP! Its called marketing:p
Nick I was going to say something last night but knew you would get the ball rolling.

I will post mine when I find out if that does not include offices on wheels.:mrgreen::mrgreen:That I do believe is not a office as I could easily hall my 25 foot Trailer with me and anyone else that owns one here. Deck it out and do reports. Or we could have categories like I mentioned.

I got him Cameron as he says this is his House as his location.:mrgreen:

Got me beat Robert as I don’t own a Milk crate.:mrgreen:

Here is my office/memorbilla room. Hopefully one day I will be able to step it up and go from signed cd’s and posters to guitars and make it look like a hard rock cafe :smiley:

Not quite up to Russ’ caliber, but this is my humble corner where my art is performed.

Not quite up to Russ’ caliber, but this is the humble corner where my art is performed.

Yes, that’s ASHI toilet paper on my desk.

Nick asked for a picture of your office. This is my office. Is it not acceptable to you? Just because I decided to streamline my operation should not disqualify me for the competition. He asked for pictures of your office and that is what I provided.

I am working on making it even FASTER and more comprehensive…I love this business and only your imagination is what stops you…

Well for some it is the funds that stops you, but that is directly correlated to your lack of imagination. The two go hand in hand…the more imaginative and willing to take risks you are the bigger the reward.

You could…but do you?