Nick's Cash-to-keep-your-Clunker program. Help the environment. First 20 win!

As you are aware, InterNACHI is a world leader in the green movement:

The federal government, in order to drum up sales for their own bankrupt car company it bought with taxpayer money, is spending even more taxpayer money with its Cash-for-Clunkers program, which entices people (with $4500 that the recipient has to pay tax on) to spend or borrow (instead of save) to buy a very quickly depreciating asset (new car).

The government’s Cash-for-Clunkers program requires dealers to destroy the engines of the traded-in clunkers in order to receive the federal reimbursement. The dealers destroy the engines by draining the car’s oil and flooding the engine with sodium silicate, or liquid glass, then revving the engine to ruin it.

This is hard on the environment as ruining a car’s engine also destroys about 30% of a car’s recycling value and leaves fewer salvageable parts for recyclers.

Furthermore, every new car built costs the energy equivalent of 50,000 miles of gasoline (2,000 gallons). It is better for the environment to keep older cars operational than to waste additional energy and resources building new cars, even new hybrid cars that get much better gas mileage.

Under the government program, the cars being traded in must have been insured for the past year, which means their program destroys perfectly drivable cars. The government is paying dealers with taxpayer money to destroy assets and harm our environment. What a waste!

Don’t spend your savings or borrow to harm the environment.

I’m personally offering 20 free $100 gift cards from to the first 20 members who post a picture of themselves standing next to an older model car, van, SUV or truck.

The offer relies on the *honor system:

  • The vehicle must be yours or your inspection company’s.
  • The vehicle must be at least 10 years old.
  • The vehicle must be operable and in use.

Each of the first 20 members to post a PIC on this thread of themselves with their clunker win a $100 gift card from Buy inspection books, tools, T-shirts, or whatever. First 20 to post their PIC win.

Hey… I got an 1989 Dodge Dakota Truck and 1994 Mercury Sable.
They are both paid for and serve us well.


Wife and I sitting on our Superformance Cobra replica. Built in 1996 with a 1963 427 motor. Shelby aluminum heads. 10-14 mpg depending on rt foot pressure

18 $100 shopping sprees left!

Money talks. I don’t care if I’m in my Jimmie Johnson PJ’s or not. Sitting on my '93 Saturn SL1, with my '98 Saturn SC1 in the background, and the inspection van '03(guess that one doesn’t qualify)

Heres mine, 17 yr old clunker

Aug 6 2009 004.jpg

16 shopping sprees left!

98 F150 XLT, 154,000 miles and running strong.
New shocks, tires, tuneup and gas hog at 15 mpg.
I love it…

not to mention the new shirts arrived!

15 shopping sprees left! Nice IAC2 truck logo and InterNACH T-shirt Steven.

1997 Suburban. 185,000 miles. Runs like a champ at 90 MPH. It’s dark out. That’s the best picture I could get. Hey, how do you attach a picture? I’ll keep trying

Keith… press on the paper clip button and it will allow you to
select an image from your computer and upload it for
your post.

Each new car requires a huge amount of water to produce, too. Been a while since I’ve seen that number, but I think it was around 50,000 gallons.

'95 Caprice 9C1, ex-unmarked highway patrol car. Stealthy too. Look! You can hardly see it!
155 MPH, 19/24 MPG (not at 155)


There, I think I got it. Only the rear window in the dark but I can send a better one in the morning. Thanks John.

Keith, have a son or daughter take your picture beside the vehicle.
Have them stand about 15 feet away…
you can then edit your post and attach the new image

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4, 5.2L, 19 mpg

They’re all out at Wally Word saving money while I’m sitting at home losing out on a$100 gift certificate. Ain’t life grand?

Nice shirt and IAC2 window decal too Jeffrey!

They finally got back from Wally World. here’s a better picture.

Very proud to be associated with Nachi, and not afraid to let everyone know!!!:D:D

Difficult to see in the dark, but at 7:00 of the IAC2 decal is the gold foil Nachi decal !!! :D:D:D

12 more shopping sprees left!