Nick's Cash-to-keep-your-Clunker program. Help the environment. First 20 win!

I just sold a 65 vintage mustang today. Does that count? :slight_smile:

How about a HARLEY ? It has a 1956 emblem on the gas tank:mrgreen: my birth year.




10 years on the dot.

Nice Harley Ron!!


1997 Ford E-150 with 290,000 miles. It runs better than I do!](“”)

The wifes 99 saturn with 74,000 miles. She has such a commute.


1998 F-150 with 199850 miles.

Oops…here is the pic.

We’ll accept the PIC of the Harley. 9 shopping sprees left. Post PICs using the paper clip looking icon in “Go Advanced.”

Did it work this time?

Nick does my stang count? I’ll try to get a pic before it’s picked up.

If you got any left… 96 Ford Van. 189,000 Miles and running good. I did the math, and if I traded it for something around $18,000 that got 30MPG it would take me 250,000 miles of gas savings to pay for itself. Not gonna happen.

Picture of the Mustang I still have under my name on the title :slight_smile: for a few more days before it was wrecked and decked out with the pretty wheels and such. I can’t stand by it my son has it in the garage in Oklahoma. I’m in IL.


I had to go out in my pj’s to get my pic with a current picture of the car. Wouldn’t be fair to everyone else who posted their car with themselves in the picture.

And I set up a ladder in the driveway to set my camera on (couldn’t get to my tripod), as everyone else was already in bed for the night. :wink:

No big deal. Just thought I would try. Don’t want to get people going off in a firestorm over it lol. Point is I OWN and have owned many older cars in my time just don’t have the ability to stand by it at the moment. Everyone here knows why. Nicks rules so we’ll just move on.

Cash for clunkers.jpg1998 Oldsmobile

Take your pick Nick.

Very generous Nick!!

me and my jaguar. I drive it when i’m not using my truck/. Sucks on gas…lol Did I win a gift card nick?