Nick's Cash-to-keep-your-Clunker program. Help the environment. First 20 win!

Is that jag up on blocks? Looks like weeds growing around it, LOL, just kidding!

Hope I’m on time
98 Ford windstar
98 ford windstar.jpg

You’re just jealous cause you ain’t got one…lol She purrs like a kitten, and run great.

Here’s my 90 Jag. Nice ride Rodney, and I know what you mean about gas mileage. The realtors really hate it when you drive up in a better car then theirs.:smiley:

Billy and Bobby, we’ll count both of yours.

Shopping spree over folks.

Tonight I’ll email each of you a $100 Gift Card Code to enter into your shopping cart.

It was fun!

Awesome thanks Nick! I really appreciate it.

Wow, and I thought I had a lotta miles… you give me hope for lots more miles…:stuck_out_tongue:

That’s interesting, I have a dog just like that…

I’ve had it about 8 years and it’s been a good truck. I think I’ll drive it till the wheels fall off :slight_smile: Maybe get another inspection vehicle but keep it as a worker. I mean it IS paid for…

here i am next to my 33 ford that i have had for 40 years

Thanks Nick!!! Got the gift certificate. NACHI rules!

Got my gift certificate, thanks Nick

Thanks Nick… Got the gift certificate…

We need NACHI Chrome parts for HARLEY’S…:mrgreen:



Thanks Nick, I got the gift certificate.

Thanks Nick,
I have already been shopping.:smiley:

Thanks Nick, I got the gift certificate.

Thanks Nick!

I already ordered an ultra stinger, have three now plus one extra battery and five extra bulbs. My only complaint about these lights is that they get somewhat warm in the charger after they are charged up, this is some weird design flaw in the charger.

Just ordered the stinger as well. Can’t beat the price at $26 and change after the discount. Thanks again Nick.

Just got a little carried way, and had to get out the credit card too…

Electrical Inspections book,
Mold Inspections book,
Leather Binder
& a new microwave tested.

Thanks again Nick!

Mark if you haven’t already done it buy the electrical video paul made. They also created an awesome on site checklist that comes with it. I think Ben is still offering this video for $27.