Nick's inspection riddle #8. Can you solve me?

Near the beginning of the inspection, you’ll use me once or twice.
But you’ll need another way if you use me more than thrice.

What am I?

This one might be tough to solve.

A Ladder

Attic hatch

supra key ?

Septic drainfield Dye Paks

No to all. Keep trying.

Winner gets a one ounce bar of pure .999 silver.

a Compass


Asking and remembering someone’s name.

Nope. But that’s a pretty good “Jim Bushart” guess… it technically works.

Auto credit card swiper or process a credit card.

A mold test

log in and password


Finding address via GPS

Door bell.

Key to open door

Trun on breaker.
Light pilot light.

Larry got it. Doorbell.

Larry, your silver will be shipped to the address you have in unless you instruct otherwise.