Nick's inspection riddle #8. Can you solve me?

Yup, I saw door bell and thought he got it.

So do I get the Silver like he did? :wink:

Nope, only one winner. I sent Ben Garrison a bar on the other thread because he wanted one.

I would not have asked except that I thought Jim convince you to send him one.

I like these BTW

Thank you.

No kidding? Not easy like the rest of them? These things have been driving me nuts! I’ve gotten a total of one so far. And that one wasn’t included in the silver bar offer.

They’re great, Nick. Keep them coming. (The silver helps too;))

Let me know when you have a gold bar riddle. :mrgreen:

A pen

Computer log-in password?

Lock-box code?


I think it is “Binocular”

A Toilet :p:p:p:p:p

A gps

the dishwasher?

Argon gas test kit

a Flashlight

a bussines card

As the Pestilent that I am to some creatures out there or in there or whereever not bare. I think it’s a pest inspection. The SPI report is done initially, then a second time to see if any further pest activity is observed, then a third time to rid of the pests. >:cool:<

A screwdriver.