Nick's plan to stave off California's debt problem.

1/2 of all the revenue the state of California brings in comes from just 140,000 of its citizens. California has 40 million people. This means that 50% of all the state’s revenue used to provide all the services the state provides, is paid for by 1/3 of 1% of the people.

The state should buy each of these 140,000 people a new Lamborghini each year, for every year they stay in California. If even 20,000 of these people were to leave California, the state would collapse.

They should “go Gault” and stop feeding the system.

The producers in this country do not realize the real power they have.

The real problem

I just watched the 60 minutes segment, on where multinational countries are not only going, but have been going for the last ten years.
American Corporate tax rates are among the highest in the world. :shock:

The solution?

DROP tax rates to below Zug Switzerland’s rate of 16%, (15% would be good)and watch how many
jobs return to America, and how much of that 1.3 trillion overseas profit comes back to the U.S.Treasury.

The spend happy states fail because they cannot print money like the feds. If the US dollar is replaced on world markets by another currency standard, the fed’s party would be over.

Yep, we’ve got or at least had a goose that laid golden eggs, a state with beautiful landscaping,great weather, good commerce and so on.

The goose may not be dead, but they’re definitely choking it… And the ways of thinking like the most recent vote in November could be compared to the goose dying of old age. And why not? California had led the way in many ways in years past… people voted and continue to think that “The good ole days are coming back!” So, that’s how they voted… that the same people, the same ways were gonna work.

The old ways can no longer work, and given the current economic climate, the jobs that are lost aren’t coming back. Too bad.

But I suppose that many of those that ran our state in the ground were either mega-rich to begin with and could care less, or so poor that it didn’t matter anyway.


I agree with Tim

But I suppose that many of those that ran our state in the ground were either mega-rich to begin with and could care less, or so poor that it didn’t matter anyway.

The same problem exist with our country. The Mega Rich, The Greedy, The Cheaters and Liars need I go on are the ones that have ran our country in the ground.

Until America wakes up and decides enough is enough nothing will change. The sad thing is by then it will be to late if it is not to late already.

Are you one of those fellas that thinks all you have to do is tax the rich to death to solve all our problems.? :roll:

Do the math sir.

No sir I do not think that is the answer I do not claim to have the answer but taxing the poor and or the middle class to death is not the answer either. Taking money away from our education system and from programs that are designed to help those who need it is not. Are these programs perfect more then likely not but they are better then nothing at all. I do know that spending money on spacial interest groups that politicians have made promises to in order to get donations is also wrong.

I do not claim to have the answers, I do know that have been busting my but for more the 30 years to have what little I do have. I am now am facing the hard fact that I may just loose it all at no fault of my own. I did not cause this recession I am simply one of the many victims of it.

I do feel in my heart that our country is in a down ward spiral and needs some truly serious changes in order to stop it. That is sad very sad I truly do love this country.

I am an honest hard working American father and husband, I do not lie steal or cheat this is how I was raised and how I have raised my own children. You work hard and pay your tax’s. You give 150% at work and to your family no less. In the end you should be rewarded.

The very reason we have so many entitlement programs and other wasteful spending is because these people pay little or no taxes. I’m not advocating more taxes but everyone needs skin in the game if we are ever going to get a handle on how our leaders spend money.

If they were being taxed they might actually hold their politicians accountable for the out of control spending.

Exactly but do not blame the immigrants blame our government for making it so easy for them to cross over and not making it simpler to become a US citizen. I am not saying allow everyone to become a Citizen there are many that we do not want here. We do need to remember how America became America. Most all of our ancestors were immigrants if they never came over here we would not be here. So if we want all these people to pay tax’s then make them Americans so they can pay tax’s and vote. How do we go about doing that I do not know but there must be away.

I said nothing about immigrants so why did you bring it up?

But if we stop subsidizing them the problem will go away.

and the Producers are starting to figure it out. :smiley:

Because the working Men and Women of this Country are the Producers, not the Paper Traders.