Nick's plan to turn the economy around and make it great by next Thursday.

Give all the stimulus money to venture capitalists and demand a 15% return for taxpayers.

This would also pay down debt and all but eliminate unemployment at the same time.

Great concept, been tried before, but exactly what are the venture capitalist investing in — Foreclosures? If so i want in. Maybe we can get a presidential pardon for Rupert Murdoch so that we can establish a baseline for returns on our investment. He can pay 15% return no matter what. lol

just funnin around

Good plan Nick but lets all so something that will help it permanently…that is simply to throw all the SOB’s (from both parties) out of office and enact term limits
of no more than 4 years…preferrably 2 years… but lets not just stop there, politicians get paid the median wage across America and must fall under the same health care program that they want us to fall under… and last, they need to be able to commit the Bill of Rights and the Constitution to memory let the SOB’s forget who is in power…WE THE PEOPLE.

There was A time in the history of our country when we built the finest things in the world and this was the greatest nation in the world. Somewhere along the line we stopped manufacturing items and now have become reliant on other countrys to provide what we should be creating for ourselfs. Supply and demand is what drives our economy , but if citeens don’t have those jobs they certainly are uanble to buy homes and maintain them. Untill we ratke our position as the manufacturer of the best and most desirable items in the world we will continue to languish behind other nations who make it cheaper and of poor quality.

I am with you Dennis.

I agree 100% throw all of them OUT! and start over…

What do you think they did?

All government, state, county, city purchases, construction projects, all get bidded out. Low one wins, no matter what. And, you get what you pay for. This is why we import so much. Poor, low, standard quality. It is the same in every industry. You have to get the corporations to spend the extra money to get better quality and have those items manufactured here in the US.

Never will happen again. A cure would be to put a 100% tax on all imports.

Since we owe China our shirts, that won’t happen either.

Supply demand Gary. People demand the poor quality so it continues to be produced and fed to us. Sure, we could produce superior products, but who would buy them at a higher cost? Proof positive that this experiment in democracy does not work. Greed will ultimately destroy the most powerful of Nations. I love my Country. We’ve slid a long way and it would be a treacherous road to return to WE THE PEOPLE at this point and probably not even possible.

Corporations are actually running the nation, and the world. Obama is just a pawn. Media is paid to broadcast whatever the payor wants. Companies post profit reports with whatever figures they want. Government is only around to write legal rules that these companies want, and pay for with campaign contributions. There are so many rebates and incentives in play that the whole system as it is now, cannot be changed.

We have a bridge here in KC that was built 5 years ago that has recently collapsed. The state put out an “emergency” bid to contractors, and gave incentives of millions of dollars to fix it by September 30. I bet it gets fixed properly; yeah, right.

Venture capitalists create new jobs, governments don’t.

We have several things going on simultaneously.

The economy in the northeast was destroyed. Banks started the problem several years ago, initially prodded by HUD. Once that ruse was played out, they gladly perpetuated the fraud.

Then the personal bankruptcy laws were modified because the poor banks were losing money. THe day after, they sent out an unprecedented number of automatic approvals on credit card solicitations.

Federal usery laws were rescinded. Universal dafault was enacted. The downward spiral started.

NAFTA was a bad idea, but was passed anyway. We started being force-fed this concept of a “global economy”. Our educational system continue the myth that people cant tie their shoelaces without having a college degree. College costs spiral to the point that graduates are saddled with unbelievable debt and no job prospects.

Then IBM was allowed to convert their pension system to 401K’s for all employees. They financially screwed everyone, and the Federal courts allowed this.

Then outsourcing continued, with programming and support in the IT sector going to Bombay, India, Pakistan, and wherever they could get a programmer to work for $8 an hour.

Fast forward to the likes of Wallmart, who forces vendors to cut profit margins to the pont where they have little choice but to manufacture products n China, Korea, or wherever else.

Then you have the financial/mortgage meltdown, where everyone from Wall Street to Washington is to blame.

For anyone who doesnt realize this, what we are seeing is the logical end to capitalism as we know it. The conclusion is to maximize profit, while eliminating all expense, even at the cost of the employee.

Those who have all the toys at the end wins.

We have a government who now seems hell bent on making everyone dependent on the Federal. They couldnt break the south, so they simply DO NOTHING in the Gulf and destroy the economy for decades to come.

Perhaps we need to go in another direction. We can do it easily.

Companies that outsource core businesses or manufacture overseas can no longer bid on government contracts. Bye Bye IBM and others.

Re-inact federal usery laws. No more 33% interest n credit cards allowed.

End universal default. Failing to pay credit card “A” had no effect on credit card “B” (right now it does).

Decide on how much money is enough money. Set a cap. Multi-millionaires and corporations reaching the ceiling get taxed above tat amount at 98%. You will see philanthropy revived. Foundations the likes of Ford and Rockefeller will return.

End the nonsensical attitude that college degrees are needed for all. Most countries in europe offer college for free. In germany, it costs just $1650 per year.

Compell the banks to truly clean up their acts. They remain out of control, as does Wall Street.

Phoney baloney “financial reform” is less than useless. No more czars to the President. No more bail outs. No more too big to fail.

Term limits to two terms for state government positions as well as for the Senate and House.

Everyone goes.

I have a brother-in-law at IBM. He told me recently he is still on the original pension plane. One of the few remaining according to him.

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