Nick's world tour

Nick hit Chicago last night, he put on a 4- hour presentation, on how to increase you business, Nathan, stuffed his 45 min talk into about 30 min, Lots of great information, well worth the price of $0.
Many Thanks to Nick, Nathan, Christine and the INTERNACHI staff.

Jeff what is wrong with me ?
Took your picture and not Christine’s but never mind and do not answer that question.
Hmmmm notice you are stealing all the samples.:slight_smile:

Glad Chicago chapter finally got proctoring rights which means I can hold off and get my education right here instead of paying a third party vendor.
Good job in making that happen.

Me instead of Christine! you have an issues!!!

Met Nick, Nathan, and Christine last night in Detroit. I am new to InterNACHI and was not sure what to expect. I was very impressed at all the information that was shared during the meeting and will begin implementing into my business. Thanks to all who made the meeting possible