Nicolas Jones Earns Texas Real Estate Inspector License


Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors is pleased to announce that Nicholas Jones of Richmond, Texas has completed an extensive Apprenticeship and has taken and passed the Texas Real Estate Commission’s examination for Real Estate Inspectors. “Nick has demonstrated outstanding competency during his three year Apprenticeship. Along with his knowledge of homes and his excellent observing and reporting skills, Nick also possesses the physical abilities to perform the demanding tasks necessary when performing Houston home inspections, such as climbing on roofs and inspecting crawl spaces under homes,” says John Onofrey, President of Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors.

Located in Fort Bend County, Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors specialize in Home and Termite Inspections of Residential properties for Houston, Texas, Fort Bend and Harris counties and surrounding areas. Well known for their accuracy and professionalism, Top 2 Bottom Real Estate Inspectors can be reached at 281-565-4677 or visit their web site at

Congrats to Nick and John.

Thanks Jim, Nick has participated in well over 1000 full TREC home inspections with me. At 22, he may be one of the youngest, yet experienced, Home Inspectors licensed in the State.

Congrats… well done.

Nick is also a licensed Commercial Technician in the Termite and Pest Control categories.


Congrats for a job well done.


Hats off to you for improving our industry.