NIFAST Course in Southwest Michigan Area

I received an email regarding this basic 2 hour course, being held in Indianapolis and Ohio.

My schedule doesn’t allow me to travel very far, so I inquired as to the possibility of getting a local class scheduled, here in Michigan.

So if anyone, from Southwest Michigan and along the lake, is interested I need to get at least 8-10 people to attend.

In addition, I talked to the local Basement Systems Representative who is interested in giving a short course on encapsulated crawl space and basement systems. So maybe we can fit both courses in one day.

Dates and location are not set, that will depend on the NIFAST instructor, but they’d like me to get 8-10 names right now.

Here is the info. sent to me
[FONT= ]Michigan[/FONT]****[FONT= ] Workshop: [/FONT]
**[FONT= ]Time: [/FONT]**9:30 AM – 12:00 PM
**[FONT= ]Where: [/FONT]**TBA
[FONT= ] [/FONT]
[FONT= ]What to expect from this 2 hour workshop:[/FONT]
*[FONT= ]• [/FONT]*Learn critical fire safety inspection tips *
[FONT= ]•[/FONT]
Learn how to conduct a residential fire safety inspection *
*[FONT= ]• [/FONT]Understand how fire loss can be eliminated and risk mitigated *
[FONT= ] through appropriate NIFAST techniques [/FONT]
[FONT= ]•[/FONT]
Learn about the NIFAST certification process *
[FONT= ]•[/FONT]
****Learn how a NIFAST *******certification can increase your income ***
[FONT= ]•[/FONT]
This two-hour program includes our residential fire safety *
[FONT= ] inspection program and Q&A session. [/FONT]

[FONT= ]A NIFAST Certified Inspector enhances home fire safety.[/FONT]
[FONT= ]The NIFAST home inspector certification program was established as an orderly distillation of existing code requirements and established best practices, and are designed to enhance and fill critical gaps in existing life safety guidelines. Written by highly certified fire safety experts with decades of fire safety and compliance experience, NIFAST’s guidelines are focused to ensure residential fire safety. For more information, visit]([/FONT]
[FONT= ] [/FONT]
[FONT= ]A little about our NIFAST Certified Instructor: Terry Flanagan[/FONT]
[FONT= ]Our NIFAST certified instructor, Mr. Terry Flanagan, will be conducting the 2-hour InterNACHI session. Terry is NIFAST’s Director of Education and Certification, and has over 32 years of experience in the fire protection and safety field. Terry is a graduate of the Air Force Technical Training Instructor Course and holds numerous certifications through federal, state and nationally registered programs (NBFSPQ, to name a few…). He has developed numerous train-the-trainer programs to enable businesses to train their own personnel in fire safety and training. Learn more about Terry at [/FONT]
[FONT=Arial] [/FONT]

If interested, please call or email me at


Thank you
Larry O’Connor

Larry, Im interested. Im about 2.5 -3 hours from you, and depending on timing would love to add Nifast to my list of Certifications.

Michael, I’ll add your name. thanks for the reply. As soon as I get 8 names, I’ll let NIFAST know and we’ll set a date.