Nifast Scholarship

Has anyone utilized their Nifast scholarship to any degree?


What can it be used for besides buying supplies?

Performing the inspection that you bought the supplies for… I guess.:slight_smile:

Highly unlikely James

What happened to all those inspections at off campus locations we heard so much about? I was under the impression this was going to be virtual kill zone for those who won the scholarships.

I think they are still working on the press releases that are supposed to be comming out.

I had a little email thing today with Steve Smith, the big cheese at Nifast. I asked him about that in particular. He said something to the effect of trying to market town councils, or local emergency services to try to get them on your side. You would then go after the rental units that students live in. I replied to him that I didn’t like the politics involved in that method.

I think these inspections are a tough sell. I would just like to see a little more help from Nifast on how and where to go with this. It’s like trying to go door to door with a product that you know nothing about.

I contacted Terry Flanagan from Nifast back in November of last year with the thought of writing a SOP for the Nifast inspection. We have been kicking one back and forth up until about mid March. I haven’t heard anything from them, so I contacted them today and I understand it is almost done. I think an SOP will give some validity to an inspection that could bring some serious liability.

Let’s see what happens.:-k

If no monies are set aside in their budgets, there is no way to sell them to a college or city.

I think what he was alluding to was to get them mandated in the town for renters. That is the part that I think Nifast should get involved in. That’s the Politics I was referring to.

It was my understanding that NIFAST was going to do all the marketing in relation to the Colleges and off campus living. NIFAST would set the jobs and send us to them as their representative.

We would be able to additionally market the NIFAST inspection to other areas like hotels, apartment complexes on our own.

Based on what I know of Nifast, that aint happening! I did get that impression too though.

Maybe with a more defined scope, we could market the inspection wherever we wanted.

With money being tight everywhere, towns, cities, even States are in the hurt locker for money. Right now you can’t sell a burlesque show to a lumber camp. People are just not willing to throw money at something they see no immediate value in, especially if they think the price is out kilter with reality. Then you end up in the situation of “do you think it is worth your time and efforts if your take home fee is too low”.

I just heard form Nifast this morning. The Standards of Practice are done and they are getting an underwriter for it now. I guess they should be released soon.

I wonder if it will be worth the fee to remain certified come november.

Do you know what the fee is?

Not sure what the renewal rate is…

I won’t be renewing at those prices, that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

And your yearly fess… :twisted:

I have not heard of any renewal fee.