NIFAST Scholarships!!!

InterNACHI inspectors,

We are in the process of awarding 100 scholarships to applicants for NIFAST and we are coming up short in a few states. We need inspectors from (only) the following states :

District of Columbia
New Mexico
West Virginia

If you live in one of these areas and you are interested, say where you live. Exceptions can be made if you live on the border of a needed state and service that state, even if you don’t actually reside there. For more information about the NIFAST scholarships, read Chris’s post.

Tip - if you live in any of these states and you want the scholarship, say so here and you’ll have a pretty good chance of getting it.

  • Rob


Just an observation. Wouldn’t you come up short on scholarships if you are including the District of Columbia?

Nah… it’s going to be given back to Maryland, wait and see!!!:twisted::wink:

Nope. We don’t agree with their whole “taxation without representation” motto. Let’s squeeze a few more scholarships in.

We still need Delaware and DC