NJ building inspection system mired in corruption.

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N.J. Panel: Inspections Don’t Protect Homebuyers

(November 21) -- According to a yearlong study by New Jersey's Commission of Investigation, the Garden State's building inspection system is so mired in corruption and general incompetence that homebuyers are afforded minimal protection from costly construction errors.

The government's findings suggest that municipal inspectors charged with examining new residences were often poorly qualified, overworked, or biased toward politically influential builders who outright bribed them with everything from golf trips to tickets to major sporting events. Consequently, commission investigators have determined that slipshod residential construction is far more widespread than initially believed. Attorney General Peter Harvey expects his office to take an active role in helping state lawmakers shore up the regulatory process with harsher criminal penalties.

Source: New York Times (11/20/03); Kocieniewski, David

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This membership was a big waste of my time!


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Luckily NJ’s Govenor recognized the corruption in both the municipal and private inspection industry in NJ.

NJ is NJ.


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From my persional understanding and viewpoint, New Jersey will be held as the National HI Benchmark of Failed Legislation and an example of Protectionism. New Jersey has added few if any Inspectors to their legislated requirement even with the extension granted by the Legislature.

I strongly believe that any Legislature should and will be pressed by the Industry and the Consumer to look at the Qualification of the Inspector, the Training and Experience of the Inspector, and the E&O Insurance of the Inspector in making their individual determination of qualification as to the competence of the Inspector that they contract. Whether they passed the ASHI exam and they are an ASHI member ( not Candidate) is irrelevant to a Consumer if they end up with a Test Qualified, State Certified, and UNINSURABLE Inspector.

The Consumer wants reassurance in their selection of an Inspector and confidence in the Inspector's ability.

Training, Experience (Not in the form of Servitude) and Insurability shall be the Benchmark if We Demand it.

There may be little room in the Market for Additional Inspectors, but there is always room in the Market for Good Inspectors.

This is where I personally envision NACHI to be. Provide Quality Information for all that seek it to be the best Inspectors that they can be for their Business and their Clients. WE are not trying to be ASHI. Why appeal to the masses and meet the minimum when it is easy to strive to be Exemplarily the Best and exceed the Acceptable Expectation.

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I for one are in complete agreement, give customers real protection and let free market forces do the rest.

The great American way (oh heck I'm English ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif))


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