NJ NACHI Advanced Mold Seminar Opportunity

As promised here is an exclusive discount availalble only through NJ Nachi for ESA certifications in mold. The first attachement is the course information, and the second is the exclusive discount information.

Don’t miss this opportunity toget not only the basic mold inspection instruction, but a full day of additional instruction to increase your knowledge, improve your skills, and to provide a higher level of service to your coustomers.

Finally, we have made arrangement for accomodating additional students if required.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

Edgar Woodson


Special offer to all NACHI and NJ-NACHI members

NJ-NACHI and the Environmental Solutions Association (ESA) have partnered to provide all NACHI members discount of $25.00 off ESA’s two-day Initial Mold and Advanced Mold courses – see the attached. This discount will make your price $325.


Additional benefits include $145 in discounts on laboratory fees from Emlab.

To register for this special, please email
jimrizzolo@comcast.net with a Subject of: ESA – NACHI special offer

The email must include your name, address, telephone number and your NACHI membership number (NJ-NACHI members do not have to supply the number)

You will receive information on registering for the discount from Jim Rizzolo.

HURRY seating is limited and this offer expires on July 31, 2006

The following is the information on the seminar itself-

**Are you ready for the next step???

Let’s learn commercial mold****inspection and assessment!!!

Environmental Solutions Association
Cherry Hill, NJ
Initial Mold and Advanced Mold Courses

August 11th** - Initial Mold Course from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM **
**August 12th **- Advanced Mold Course from 8:00 am to 5:00 PM
**Cost for each course is $195.00. **
**Special 2 day price, which includes membership to ESA: **
<Less free membership to ESA $195.00>
<Less coupons from co-sponsoring lab $145.00>
**This course is Co-sponsored by Enviromental Microbiology Laboratory **

Please call Bill Sykes at 570-326-6617 to sign up for this class. Seating is limited to 15 students in each class.

Day 1

What is Mold and understanding Mold growth
Health issues involving Mold
How to conduct a visual inspection for Mold
Determining Red Flags, source of water intrusion
How to use Testing Equipment
Learning difference between Non-Viable and Viable testing
Understanding and presenting results to the client
Use of New York City Guidelines, EPA and ACGIH guideline

Day 2
Conducting a complete building survey
Using Field Forms, Room Diagrams, Moisture Meters, Photo shots
Setting up complete report for Remediation Spec writing
Learning about Remediation Techniques
Learning Clearance Procedure and Protocols for clearance of remediation work