NNC - Is it for you??

Dear Member,

  • Are you finding it difficult to fulfill your NACHI annual 24 hour Continuing Education Requirements?
  • Are you a considerable distance from a NACHI Chapter?
  • Are you restricted by time to attend a NACHI Chapter meeting?
    If you answered yes to any one of the above let me introduce you to the NACHI National “On-Line” Chapter (NNC). A chapter committed to broadening the understanding of our industry, to improve procedures, and to upgrade the level of technical and business performance of our members.

Currently NNC hosts nearly 200 FREE hours (nearly 10 years worth) of approved NACHI Continuing Education hours. In addition you will find:

  • A complete dictionary of Industry Terms. Over 1650 definitions and terms and growing.
  • Tip sheets for use as handouts to clients or for your own business needs.
  • Marketing tips. Brochures and much more will be included.
  • Building Codes and regulations from across North America’
  • and much more being added.
    Currently the website http://www.nachinat.com is open and accessible to anyone. But shortly it will be closed to members only. Please understand that the NNC is not a replacement for standing NACHI chapters. We liken ourselves as a supplement as nothing can replace the one on one or person to person quality of interaction. However, in today’s world we find, conflicting schedules, time constraints, high travel expenses, etc., and find ourselves in need of a better solution.

Well, here it is. A chapter available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. You’re in control…

I encourage all to visit and join today. A one time fee (for NACHI members) of $25.00 is all it takes to join today.

Happy New Year to all and my best wishes for a successful business year,

John Bowman

I like it, John! Good work, and I will be joining - I much prefer online to physical chapter meetings.

Thanks Joe. 20 inspectors joined the NNC today.

NNC Chapter membership hit 125 today. http://www.nachinat.com